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Marketing Automation a new trend for Marketing 

Marketing Automation is about using software and technology to perform sales and marketing functions more effectively through using multiple channels. It allows us to automate repetitive but necessary marketing tasks. Basically, marketing automation automates those little things that we should be doing regularly and probably have already done at one time or another. It enables us to find new customers.


In other words, say; in your company, there is a marketing team for your website who works to locate and keep data of your traffics/consumers in other words they collect leads for your company. Otherhand, your sales team is working to manage all those data/leads to organize how to sell your product/service to them. This traditional process is costly, takes time and even sometimes it’s hard to manage/locate the desired customers.


So, the marketing and selling both can be satisfied by one thing Marketing Automation. By automating all the processes like lead generation/lead management/tracking and focusing on bringing new customers and more sales.

Basically, marketing automation will create a bridge between marketing and selling.


Marketing automation enables many modern marketing practices, including lead generation, segmentation, lead nurturing and scoring, relationship marketing, cross-sell and upsell, retention, return on investment (ROI) measurement, and account-based marketing.

Simply, without using marketing automation, you are just guessing and hoping that people will buy your products without any hesitation because you are the best. This is where you are wrong, absolutely wrong.

Marketing automation is now one of the fastest-growing technologies that initially were used for large enterprises but it’s become a must-have tool for small and mid-sized businesses too. 

Also, keeping a faster track of existing customers will increase loyalty for your company among existing customers and also identify high-growth and high profitable customer segments and will increase communication and engagement with them.

It allows companies to save money and time, reduce marketing resourcing efforts, and grow revenue efficiently.  


Marketing Automation will bring 


* increase engagement among customers

* flatten sales funnel

* generate better leads

* Personalizing the customer journey

* Better data for smarter decisions

* make more money

* Develop “Best” customers


Best Marketing Automation Software


1.HubSpot Marketing Automation






Types of marketing automation


a.Customer Relationship Management Automation

b.Email Automation

c.Landing Page Automation.

d.Web Form Automation

e.Social Media Automation

f.Blog Automation

g.Marketing Analytics Automation


Marketing automation tools will make your job painless and will save your time and money. So that, you and your team can focus your attention on other efforts for your business/service that can drive more revenue.

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