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Maya App Raises Seed Capital of $2.2 million for Regional Expansion 

The Maya app has made an announcement that it has brought in the funding of $2.2 million as seed capital. Maya app is currently one of the biggest tech companies in healthcare focused businesses. This is going to make a very good contribution in terms of health care and well being especially for women.

Maya App Raises Seed Capital of $2.2 million for Regional Expansion

Maya app was incorporated in Singapore and originated in Bangladesh. The app has started expanding its reach in Srilanka and India. It has plans to even provide support in Pakistan and the wider South Eastern and Middle Eastern countries.

The seed capital of $2.2 million is being provided by Anchorless Bangladesh and Osiris Group. These investors are going to help the Maya app reach new milestones in its venture. Anchorless Bangladesh is a funding company that invests in startups that are in their early stages. The Osiris Group is a privately owned firm for equity that focuses on investing in impactful startups within the Asian Market.

This funding is ought to be used to focus on introducing a telehealth platform for the app. This is also bound to help with the international expansion of the Maya app which is already on its way. Maya platform now has 300 licensed healthcare providers and almost 10 million unique users. 

The app has a digital assistant that has natural language processing and machine learning tech. this option helps with answering the basic questions which are health-related. This can be about mental health, reproductive health, or any kind of health-based inquiry.

Ivy Huq Russell is the CEO and founder of the Maya app. She started the platform as an online blog to provide people with easily accessible and accurate healthcare information and a help desk. Personal experiences like the birth of her first child and her mother being diagnosed with cancer have inspired her to take this initiative.

She has stated, 

“We were very focused on two things, one is how do we build trust in our community, in their language, because it’s very important that they communicate in the language that they’re comfortable using.  At the same time, we realized as soon as we started getting hundreds and hundreds of questions that were not going to be able to scale up if we just have 50 experts on computers, typing.”

The company has spent over 2 years to develop the natural language processing tech it currently has in order to support Bengali and other regional dialects. It is able to provide basic questions with a 95% accuracy rate on 50 topics in Bengali, Urdu, Hindi, and Arabic. These topics include mental, sexual, and reproductive health as well as a helpline for rape and domestic violence issues.

We look forward to Maya app making progress and expanding its regional coverage and continue to be a beacon of example for other startups to work towards social issues using modern technology and innovation.

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