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MBSTU On Campus Hult Prize Competition Teams and Grooming Sessions 

MBSTU (Mawlana Bhashani Science and Technology University) is in the run to compete for Hult Prize Competition 2021. The On Campus Round of the university is ongoing. Their registration deadline had ended on 10th November at 11:59 pm and the teams were selected.

MBSTU On Campus Hult Prize Competition Teams And Grooming Session

The teams were selected after the registration after the 10th November deadline. 17 teams were selected to compete in the on campus round of MBSTU Hult Prize 2021.


  • 4- Dimension
  • Pharma Squad
  • Team Sky 
  • Health_Care _Innovators
  • Antioxident
  • Team Ambitious
  • Good Food
  • Eco-revolution
  • Green Mart
  • Tex-revolution
  • Team Contraption
  • Rule Breakers
  • Green House
  • Shommok

The coordinators have arranged a decorated panel of grooming sessions so the participants get all the help to prepare for their upcoming idea presentations. The grooming sessions will be hosted by honorable special hosts.

Grooming session 

The grooming sessions had been being conducted since the announcement on 27th November. It went on till 9th December. The respected hosts were:

  • Ilmul haque Sajib (, Co-Founder and COO) he provided the teams with proper ideation on sustainable business concepts and how they can properly pitch. This session commenced on 9th December.
  • Selima Allen Hossain (BetterStories Limited, Director) she hosted the session talking about ideation and social entrepreneurship. The grooming session commenced on 8th December.
  • Alvi Rahman (Mechanic Koi, Co-Founder and CEO) he hosted the session provided with Design Thinking and Business Model Canvas. The session commenced on 5th December.

MBSTU teams are slowly but surely moving towards preparing their ideas and business pitches. The Demo Day will be conducted on 12th December. The teams will be presenting their ideas in front of a panel of judges. 

We will be looking out for the teams who will be moving to the MBSTU On Campus Hult Prize Competition Final Round. The winning team will proceed into the regional round. 

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