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Mechanic Koi Launches Mechabot
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Mechanic Koi Launches Mechabot 

echanic koi a renowned startup in Bangladesh, has recently launched a feature named Mechabot. This newly added feature is undoubtedly going to add another dimension to their startup and also to the automobile industry of the country.

What Exactly Mechanic Koi is

As we have already mentioned before in previous articles about mechanic koi, they provide mechanics if your car is seeing any trouble with your vehicle.

So, in short, mechanic koi is always there if your car needs a mechanic. You don’t need to wander in the city looking for a mechanic since Mechanic Koi is and always will be there for you to serve.

What is MechaBot?

Imagine yourself as an owner of a vehicle, and your car starts seeing problems in the middle of the road, or imagine yourself as a car owner, and you may wonder what kinds of problem a car can have, and there’s where Mechabot comes you to rescue.

Mechabot knows what type of situation your car can have and what could be the solution to your car. In short, Mecha Bot is an automotive chatbot that gives you the opportunity of knowing your car better than ever before.

Features of Mechabot

Mechabot is available on Facebook messenger and on the website of the Mechanic koi. Mechabot is an Artificial Intelligence-based platform so, if you are having any kind of problem with your car, you might have a look at Mechabot and ask the Mechabot why your vehicle is having the issue. Moreover, Mechabot also gives you the opportunity to know your car better.

The ultimate aim of Mechanic koi is to avoid unwanted situations on the road. At last, I would like to add two things, and whether you want to prevent unwanted problems in your car or you may aspire to know your vehicle better, Mecha Bot will always be there to help you.

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