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Mechanic Koi?|The Name For Hassle Free Car Experience
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Mechanic Koi?|The Name For Hassle Free Car Experience 

What if your vehicle gets stuck in the middle of a road and you don’t know where to find a solution for fixing the car. What if you have an emergency and the place is not familiar to you.

These are widespread problems in our country. If you see a car owner and ask them about these problems, I am sure that they will agree that they will positively reply.  Mechanic Koi ? is here to give you the hassle-free car experience.

In a country like Bangladesh, the problem is more significant than we can feel. The workers who work in a mechanical garage are large in population, but it is a great sorrow that they are not regarded in the national economy. Their work is arduous and time-consuming. Despite all these things, they don’t even receive a thank you.

These matters that are mentioned above gets more and more complicated. Sometimes, the vehicle owners don’t know where to buy the necessary parts. Moreover, they buy pieces that are very poor in quality. Sometimes, they overpay for the maintenance of their vehicles.

Mechanic-koi, a company founded by some young, aspiring entrepreneurs, saw the opportunity to solve this problem. Mechanic Koi is an on-demand car servicing platform, which offers the servicing of the car in the shortest time possible. We can say the “Uber of Mechanics.”

What is Mechanic Koi?

Mechanic koi is simply a platform where you can get mechanics from the nearest location for your car servicing. Alvi Rahaman is the Founder and CEO of this amazing startup.

Why I have mentioned this platform as ‘the uber of mechanics.’  Two reasons put this in a way, these are-

Firstly, people find it easy to understand when they are termed with the known startups like google for data, youtube for tv series, etc. This is where things get interesting while terming as available startups and companies.

Secondly, their business model and application are almost similar to the Uber app. The only thing that you have to do is to go on their platform, and the rest will be done automatically.

How Big The Problem Is?

Another question is still on the line about how big the problem is. According to some sources, the number of motor vehicles is 500 thousand. Almost every day, vast numbers of cars need to be checked by a mechanic. Some of the vehicles also face problems while they are out on the road.

Moreover, the numbers of vehicles that face accidents due to the lack of maintenance of cars are also not negligible. The number of cars is increasing day by day. So, the demand for mechanics is accelerating day by day with the increasing number of cars.

In short, the problem mechanic koi trying to solve is a genuine problem, and this is a significant problem in the aspect of Bangladesh.

How Does Mechanic Koi Work?

Right now, Mechanic koi is continuing its operation with the help of a website. The CEO of Mechanic Koi confirms that there would be an app soon enough. The team of Mechanic koi is working hard enough to ensure their service with the help of an app.

Mechanic koi is an on-demand car maintenance service, as mentioned earlier in this writing. Unfortunately, during the pandemic situation, they are only offering an appointment based service, but they are optimistic enough to serve the customers properly as soon as they can.

Mechanic koi also works like an e-commerce store to do online shopping for the necessary automobile parts. You will also find helmets for motorbikes, gloves, and jackets for bike riding. The customers are also pleased with their e-commerce services.

mechanic koi mission vision service

Why Could Mechanic Koi Be the Next Big Thing?

There are some valid reasons that will make Mechanic Koi? as the next big thing. Here are those reasons:

Customers Love The Services

Mechanic koi has been doing great when it comes to customer satisfaction. One of the prime objectives of mechanic koi has been customer satisfaction. According to the CEO of mechanic koi, their principal and prime focus is making the experience of car owners simple, enjoyable, and hassle-free.

Mechanic koi has successfully served 5200 customers, and they are looking forward to building their services in each sector of Dhaka. Four thousand customers are totally unique, and 1200 customers are their returning customers, which shows how satisfied the customers are with their services.

Solving A Burning Problem 

We have mentioned earlier how big the problem is. We all know that the core thing for startups’ success depends on the problem’s being a significant problem. Here the mechanic koi is solving a massive problem, and also an issue that is increasing in number day by day.

Winning Awards

Mechanic koi is winning awards and places in startup competitions. Recently, they were a finalist in the entrepreneurship world cup. They also took part in the student startup chapter one Bangladesh and did very well.

Future Prospects

The problem of car maintenance is a burning problem in our country. The problem is more significant than it looks. Safety issues are also involved with car maintenance. On the other hand, the dignity of car mechanics is also in the line. We are talking about those car mechanics trying to make our life better by fixing our beloved rides.

Mechanic koi wants to bring full Dhaka CIty under their service. After that, they want to serve the other districts one by one. We hope that they will get their on-demand car maintenance. Use it as soon as possible.

For Business Query

Address: BCC Bhaban, CWS, Startup Bangladesh, ICT Tower, Plot- E 14/X, Dhaka, 1207

Hours: Opens soon ⋅ 10 AM

Phone: 01517-056669

Appointments: Mechanic কই?


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