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Netherland is Looking for a More “Accommodating Business Climate” in Bangladesh in order to Attract More Investment
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Netherland is Looking for a More “Accommodating Business Climate” in Bangladesh in order to Attract More Investment 

Netherland seeks an “appropriate business environment” for foreign investment and trade, as well as adherence to global labour and environmental standards,to draw more foreign investment and business to Bangladesh.

Yesterday, during a virtual Foreign Office Consultation (FOC) between Bangladesh and the Netherlands, the observation was shared.

According to a joint press release, the Bangladesh delegation was led by Foreign Secretary Masud Bin Momen, while the Netherlands delegation was led by Secretary-General of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs Paul Huijts.

Following its graduation from the Least Developed Country (LDC) status, Bangladesh emphasized the importance of fostering responsible business behavior in the global supply chain and continued international support initiatives at the fourth Foreign Office Consultation.

They discussed the two countries’ close links over the past 50 years, as well as political and economic trends and the changing nature of the bilateral relationship, which has shifted from growth to economic cooperation.

Accommodating Business Climate
Both parties agreed to continue sharing views on human rights and to create an accommodating business climate.

They praised the Dutch for their early contributions to Bangladesh’s infrastructure growth, water management, and food security initiatives, and shared their perspectives on the post-Covid-19 economic recovery and how to ‘build back better.’

The delegations discussed how to improve economic relations and knowledge exchange in a number of fields, including water management, agriculture, digitalization, and climate adaptation.

The Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100 was highlighted as a key vehicle for combining water management and food security cooperation.

The two delegation leaders addressed regional trends, including the EU’s current emphasis on enhancing cooperation and communication with the Indo-Pacific region.

The Netherlands expressed its gratitude to Bangladesh for its hospitality toward the Rohingya people and noted that the international donor community and Bangladesh are currently discussing humanitarian issues.

Both countries expressed their concern about recent events in Myanmar, especially the serious challenges that these developments pose for the  safe, sustainable, dignified, and voluntary return of the Rohingya to their homeland.

They have reaffirmed their commitment to seeking justice and accountability for the human rights violations committed in Myanmar.

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