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New Edtech Startup Shikho Launch Quality Education in Reasonable Price 

There is a new EdTech Startup rising in Silicon Valley, and it’s from Bangladesh. Shikho is the recently launched educational technology company originating from Dhaka. Even in the age of technological revolution, quality education has a lot of catching up to do, especially in Bangladesh.

Even though there are other sources, the internet can be used widely to initiate further progress in the educational sector. Shikho app is a great leap towards that goal. 

Shikho Mobile Application

Shikho was founded on 30th October, 2020. This mobile application is user friendly and very informative. The lessons on this application are modeled after the NCTB syllabus. This app contains courses based on JSC, SSC and HSC subjects and topics. This is a game changer to replace menial after-school education.

The app cover courses from classes 6 to 12. The app has- Animated video lessons, Live classes, In-App questions and solutions, Learning analysis. It is very convenient and affordable. It gets you access to learning to your own pace, test modules and measuring systems, and connecting with acquaintances available as features.

Raising $100,000 Funding

The startup company raised seed capital of $100,000. The investors are a USA based VC, named, Learn Captial. The investors are known to provide financial help across EdTech startups. Dr. Hanns Kendel is from the company’s team of directors.

According to Dr. Kendel, 

“Shikho is incredibly unique in its approach as the product is a combination of academic rigour and ingenuity, creative design, thoughtfulness and modern technical innovation. All the elements come together to create a really beautiful and effective learning product,” 

New Edtech Startup Shikho Launch Quality Education in Reasonable Price

Shikho app is an incorporation among Singapore-Bangladesh EdTech company. It has already shown promising results. The reviews that are pouring in are also positive. Obviously like any other app it will go through more evolution. But the app is working well so far. The managing and founding partner at LearnStart, Don Burton stated, 

“Learn Capital only invests in world class Ed-Tech companies. We felt that the standard of teaching, quality of production and features within the app, would not only resonate with students but provide parents in Bangladesh with a powerful new tool to help their children achieve their learning goals. Our judgement is that Shikho exceeds our world class standards in providing a turn-key solution for Bangladeshi families and most markets do not actually have access to such a local provider.”


Shikho app may as well change the dynamic we hold after-school education in. the investment from Learn Capital provides validation for the vision Shikho app holds and is ambitious to deliver. The goal is to make quality education accessible by using technology.

Shikho app has gained a stunning market of more than 35 million students in Bangladesh and the numbers are bound to keep growing. The company aims to include more STEM related courses and higher educational curriculum.

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