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No-Code for Startups: How to Overcome the Technical Barrier
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No-Code for Startups: How to Overcome the Technical Barrier 

angladesh Angels, which’s main aim is to lift the entrepreneurs of Bangladesh higher, is known as the first angel investing platform in Bangladesh. This company, along with the partnership of Empasco, is going to arrange an online event named “ No-Code for Startups: How to Overcome the Technical Barrier ” on this Sunday.

Empasco, a non-profit technology advocacy organization, works with a vision of impacting global prosperity by maximizing the influence of technological innovation in different sections – Climate & Energy, Trust & Transparency, Health & Well-Being. 

For fulfilling their dreams, along with many other countries in Africa, Eastern Europe, and South East Asia, frontier markets like Bangladesh are also in Empasco’s choice list. By intersecting Technology and Social Change, Empasco tries to boost Innovators, Scientists, and Inventors for scaling their concepts.

To know more about Empasco, you can visit their official website

No-Code for Startups: How to Overcome the Technical Barrier

According to the organizers of this event, they have been observing it for many days that many significant technology startups are not innovative technologically which they highly need to be. Even some of the intellectuals of this field do not know about crossing the technical barriers.

If someone needs to establish a successful technology startup, then knowing technical skills is not a must, and this event will let you realize it. Rather what they must know about is No-Code, which will let them deploy and develop prototypes and MVPs quickly, even if they are non-technical founders.

The “No-Code” knowledge will also able them to gain market validation and traction when they are in an early stage. So thinking about all these, the organizers took this initiative. 

Details about the “No-Code for Startups: How to Overcome Technical Barrier” are given below –

Date: 4th October 2020 

Time: 8:30 PM BST

Registration Form:  

Facebook Event Link:

Nirjhor Rahman, the CEO of Bangladesh Angels will be moderating this online event. Panelists of the event are –

  • Artur Safaryan – Founder & Director of Empasco

During his existence in the technology sector, Artur has gained experience in designing products and developing community. Artur has a web studio of his own and already he has been associated with many startups in the UK.

  • Waheed Rahman – Director of Empasco

Waheed is the director of Empasco, who has been a leader for carrying out the efforts of the organization in frontier markets. His expertise is consultation and he has worked with many clients from the US, SEA, and the UK. His clients are from the energy sectors, big pharma’s, or government who got advice from him on Technology. 

This online event is public, but if you want to join then you first have to register by clicking on the registration link given above. Only after completing the registration procedure, you’ll receive the event link in your inbox. Besides, you’ll get a copy of the report. 

Any active startup entrepreneur or potential angel investor can take part in this online event to know how to overcome technical barriers for their startups. Even if you’re none of these, you can join this event. Cause learning has no bounds, right?

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