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Parking Koi: Unlocking Hidden Parking Spaces

Parking Koi: Unlocking Hidden Parking Spaces 

aving a car in this metropolitan city that has traffic issues and insufficient places of parking is every day’s concern. What if you get a parking space anywhere you want like magic? For solving this problem Parking Koi is the best solution for you. 

One day, Mrs. Rabeya Haque was in trouble to find a suitable parking place while she went to Banani for her official conference. For not being late, she had thought of parking in the wrong place, but suddenly she noticed the subtle system. This sudden incident makes her disappointed but Parking koi can solve her problem!

Parking Koi? is a startup company that has the motto that is, Unlock the hidden space for parking in Dhaka. Basically, this startup provides parking space which we can share with other car holders.

However, car parking in Dhaka is the most challenging task which is now being easy with the help of Parking Koi management. Right now that is the leading parking app Bangladesh. It will provide you the safest parking zone within 2 km of your current location.

So, This is now considered as a bridge between the space holder and subscriber. The people who are the owner of parking space can easily rent it out on parking koi? when they are not using that space. That’s how they also can earn extra money.

Let’s discover the amazing facts about this startup’ by reading this article ahead. That will help you to know more about this startup company, so try it out.

Initial Stage of Parking Koi

Mr. Rafat Rahman is the CEO of Parking Koi. He was a citizen of America and had the position of senior system engineer in the largest insurance company. As the day was going he realized that finding parking space is every day’s hassle. In Dhaka, this problem is more prominent so he came up with this revolutionary idea of the startup.

However, when this idea becomes a startup, it opens a great opportunity for parking space holders and the car owners. Sometimes people park their cars in the wrong place, but that creates unwanted traffic jams. For that to happen, a platform like parking Koi is a significant necessity for us.

Moreover, on April 1, 2018, they launched the parking koi app for the first time. At first, they applied for the GP Accelerator program and they got selected. This opportunity was very helpful for them to get proper mentoring for customer dealing, commercializing, and financial analysis. After that, it becomes the #1 parking app in our country.

‘Seedstar Award’ and Stepping Forward

On April 10, 2018, the team of parking koi applied for the GP accelerator program where they became one of the top 10 teams in Seedstar. That was a very proud moment for the team and Mr. Rafat Rahman that they would be a part of Seedstar 2018 in Switzerland and represent Bangladesh in front of the world.

Parking koi wins seedstar

However, that’s how it raises new investment for making their dream true. The app is now in the beta phase and very user friendly. Recently, this app achieved 25 thousand download history and 12 thousand users who are active.

Management of Parking Koi

There are three founders in parking koi management and they considered this as an IT company first then they started to provide parking solutions. Right now they have 31 team members who are trying hard to deliver the best service to the consumers. They also have an expert app developer team which can fix any app-related problem within an hour.

However, they divided their operation team into 6 parts and worked for 6 divisions inside Dhaka to source each single parking space. The main thing is they are doing their marketing online especially in social media, which is giving them a very effective result.

Their operation team has two units and each unit has 24 members where they collect leads and customers’ responses from Facebook.

So, the people who want to rent their parking space to them can message on their Facebook page or call them or take help through the app. Their target is to cover metropolitan cities first then other districts but other than metro cities the parking demand is low.

service details parking koi

They will start their journey in Chittagong and Sylhet very soon to enrich the parking koi career. They also have a dream to expand their journey in the Asian market in the future and increase the investment of parking koi.

Marketing Strategies of Parking Koi

Mainly the recognition of parking koi reached all over the city through social media marketing and they are about to arrange a roadshow for offline marketing also. They are planning to work with Gulshan society, DMP and Dhaka City Corporation for reducing the traffic problem.

However, they are dealing with 1000 transactions per hour and they are receiving payment through card or cash both. The people of Bangladesh who are taking their service like to pay cash because the hourly charge is BDT 20-25. The team also united with the SSL commerce company to educate its customers to make the cashless transaction.

Moreover, they are offering many discount vouchers to encourage the user for cashless transactions. For that, they are receiving their payments monthly through bank to bank, credit card and bkash.

Pricing Model

Parking Koi doesn’t have any exact model for taking payment from their customers. Their charge of hourly parking is 5 to 30 TK and the monthly charge is 1500 to 4500 TK.

This range of parking charges varies from location to location. The company takes a 20% commission from the parking space owners and a 10% commission from the people who are taking these services.

services parking koi

Moreover, the proportion of commission also depends on time but the limit remains 20% always. Their strategy of raising profit is they increase commissions from the host when their parking space gets more parking requests.

Now, most of the people who own a car use their service, which makes them popular overnight.

Difficulties in the Path of Success

Entrepreneurship is a very challenging initiative to manage properly. Every entrepreneur faces so many obstacles in the path of their success. Parking Koi also faced so many difficulties in the time of providing its services. They are working with people’s cars, which is a very sensitive asset. So making people believe in their secured service was a hard task for them.

However, they solved the problem successfully and their team ensured more than 30000 safe parking zones without any occurrence. Yes, it was tough for them to make people understand that “parking space can be found through an app.” Now they are providing service amazingly and making a great profit.

The Final Words….

From a report of the daily star, we came to know that,

“30% of traffic jams in our city occurred because of unsuitable parking”.

For this reason, It takes an initiative to remove illegal parking from Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet and many more cities. They also want to help the government with their project and make a parking zone beside the metro rail station of Dhaka. For that people can easily park their car with safety and be able to travel through trains for the long route. 

Moreover, their target is to make people comfortable with paid parking services. That’s why they are offering discount vouchers occasionally. they also supplies multiple business strategies in the context of Bangladesh to find the best match. So, download the “parking Koi” app from the Google play store or Apple store, leave the rest to them, and you are all ready to join your work without any tension.

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