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Pipilika: A Very First Bangla Search Engine

Pipilika: A Very First Bangla Search Engine 

ipilika is the very first Bangla search engine which is operated by Sylhet. The students of computer science and engineering from Shahjalal University of Science and Technology, Sylhet developed this amazing search engine with the facility of Bangla and English searching.

That was a thesis project of some students, and they finished their project and came out with this revolutionary search engine to make our life a bit easier.

A search engine which allows both Bengali and English search options is able to fulfill the need of all kinds of users. Pipilika is the very first search engine of our country which allows both English and Bengali search. So it was the main reason for gaining popularity this quick.

Moreover, Pipilika search engine automatically characterized Bangla and English newspapers of our country, many blog posts, Bangla Wikipedia, and many government notices and items of news. This search bar always gives priority to Bangla contents over English. Recently they have added the option where we can search for job news. After searching for job news, they will show the best-categorized news to help all the users.

There are many search engines in the world. Among them, Google has gained so much popularity in all countries because of its convenient features. But it is a new journey for Bangladeshi developers to participate in worldwide competitions. In the past Bangladesh had made different kinds of software and apps, but the search engine was a whole new invention for the users of Bangladesh.

Primary Stage of Pipilika First Bangla Search Engine

The first Bangla search engine of Bangladesh was launched on the eve of Pohela Boishakh ( First day of Bangla year) which is 13 April in 2013. The leading developers behind this fabulous search engine are some students of the Shahjalal University of Science Technology. A team of 11 developers and researchers worked hard and collaborated with GrameenPhone I.T. ltd to make Pipilika successful, and their dream fulfilled.

However, there were 30 students more, who also helped this project to be the best one. The main thing is the director of this project was a well-known writer and respected professor who is Dr Muhammad Jafar Iqbal. He was the chairman of the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering then. The I.C.T. department of Bangladesh also encourages its initiatives.

Pioneers of Our First Bangla Search Engine

Besides the direction of Dr Muhammad Jafar Iqbal, the team Pipilika was led by Ruhul Amin Sajib, who was an Assistant professor of the same university. He has been researching search engines since 2009. For that, he found the Pipilika project very interesting and worked hard to make this happen. 

Many people were in the behind of Pipilika Bangla search engine, and they are Muhammad Mohiuddin, Mahbubur Rub, Madhusodan Chakraborty, Asif Mohammad, Asish Pal, Md Maksud Hossain and many more. So, Everyone who was in this project made Pipilika one of the best Bangladeshi search engines.

Journey Through the Path of Achievement

Our first Bangla search engine Pipilika achieved so many users in a very short time. More than a thousand people are using their service on a daily basis. Pipilika has the capacity of 4 terabytes and 600 gigabytes of R.A.M, and this is, of course, an excellent idea. 

However, Pipilika not only provides Bengali contents or news they also have enormous contents for the users who like to browse in English. In this present day, the internet is the most important thing that we use anytime for any reason. A report from July 2020 says almost 4.75 billion people use the internet in the whole world, which is 59% of the total population.

Pipilika Search Engine

However, in Bangladesh, 109.473 million people are the subscriber or internet. So, in the last 7 years of the journey, Pipilika always tried to give the best experience to its users and make them trust in their service. 

On the other hand, they also added so many new features each year to increase the category of the content. Among the services, Pipilika shopping, current news service, Pipilika library facility, job searching, Bangla & English spelling correction, and imaginative word room are the most popular. So, it is our duty to promote our own countries’ initiatives and make them more Successful.

Difference Between Chorki and Pipilika

In my previous content, I wrote about another Bangladeshi search engine Chorki. From our website, you can read that one also. So there is a slight difference between Pipilika and Chorki, and I tried to present these facts below.

Chorki is basically a commercial initiative as a search engine. They work for showing the descriptions of business products to promote various startups. They have a unique algorithm system and own searching technology.

Besides promoting a business, they also allow Bangla searching, and they added more content about news, jobs, crickets etc in English and Bangla both.

On the other side, Pipilika was a research project of some students, but it was the first-ever search engine of our country. Though it was not a commercial project, it inspired many researchers and our young generation to think about inventing new search engines. Overall Pipilika Played a significant role to make a growth in our Technology.

Challenges Of Pipilika In The Road To Success

Making useful and rich Bangla content in the site of is much challenging because Google, the biggest search engine already attached the Bangla searching option based on location. To be in the competition, the Pipilika Bangla search engine should enrich the significance of its contents. 

However, a developed search engine which has vast contents in local language and is able to produce proper information can keep their users for an extended period. So as a well-organized search engine Pipilika search allows us to read Bangla Blogs, Bangla news, contents, websites, Bangla Wikipedia, and E-books

Moreover, they also have the facility of auto-correction to help the users. It is true that it will not have a bright future if it can’t be able to give rich local Bangla contents. So it is always their challenge to keep the consistency of their excellent work.

As Bengali fought for their mother tongue, it is more expected that Pipilika will be a useful site for Bengali users. As a Bengali and regular user of its service, we should always support their hard work.

Final Words…

As the first Bangla search engine, Pipilika always makes us proud. Two hundred million people in the world speak Bengali as their native language and Bengali is one of the widely spoken languages all over the world. So Pipilika targeted the Bengali audiences and has the ability to give them a quality service.

Moreover, the developers believe that searching in Bengali will increase in each passing day, and it will help them to provide service in the long run. The team also wants to capture more Bengali audiences from Kolkata and the places where people speak in Bengali. They are vicious and optimistic that one-day Pipilika would be a famous and renowned search engine like Google and Yahoo.

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