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The Startup Is Pivoting To Healthtech During COVID 19

The Startup Is Pivoting To Healthtech During COVID 19 

ealth could also be our basic right, but the health care system of present Bangladesh still needs development. We are far behind from achieving universal health status. So, health techs are often beneficial during this case. The startup is pivoting to healthtech in recent years.

What Are Healthtechs?

Health techs are business ideas revolving around health care and treatment. They are, in fact, quite a new concept for Bangladesh. The primary startup of health care started a couple of years back. But it didn’t receive much recognition from the folk.

As our communication media has improved in speed and flexibility, more people are appreciating these health techs. With apps like Pathao Health, Shohoz Health, et al., we entered into a replacement era of the individualized health care system for all.

How Startup Is Pivoting To Healthtech During COVID 19?

Is startup really necessary within the health sector? With the world’s sixth largest population—160 million people are living during this country. Out of them, 100 million are mobile subscribers, making Bangladesh one of Asia’s largest consumer markets for mobile and digital platforms. Thus, it is not surprising that a lot of sectors are approaching online-based services.

But health care and medical startups are still lagging behind. During this ongoing pandemic of COVID 19, people are realizing their importance. With a vision of the convergence of healthcare and mobility, the government is now providing a good range of opportunities for health techs.

Successful Healthtechs In Bangladesh

We have seen a steep growth in health techs within the past few years. Unfortunately, a number of them were before their time, and thus, did not make an impression. There are some successful health techs available within the market. These are Pathao Health, Shohoz Health, Maya, Jolpie, etc.

We have listed a number of these successful health-based startups within the following list:

Pathao Health

Pathao, being a successful ride-sharing platform, has released printing operation, Pathao Health. It’s a replacement tool to attach people to health resources, together with their health organizations.

Pathao health banner

The first case of corona virus was identified, on 8th March of 2020 in Bangladesh,  After that visits to hospital subsequently deteriorated significantly. Due to a scarcity of protective gear most of physicians stopped doing chambers and seeing patients face to face . On top of that, on 26th March the government banned nationwide transport system.

Patients can access trustworthy information and health services through Pathao Health activities without leaving their homes. As a result, it’s reduced the probabilities of transmission of the virus.

Shohoz Health

Shohoz Health is one of the country’s leading super apps. On 26th May of 2020, they released Shohoz Health.  this app will provide a strong health solution in digital ways.

The company is expecting to combat the current crisis of COVID 19 collaborating with more than 100 qualified physicians of Bangladesh.

Shohoz Health will build a technologically empowered solution for our healthcare sector. With this digital healthcare technology, anyone from anywhere of the country can get access to specialist physicians. They can connect from anywhere and anytime via video consultation.

simply put, this mobile app will offer its users to access the doctors easily, from anytime and any location. Additionally, it will allow users to receive an authentic prescription from the qualified doctors. According to developers, this app can deliver medication from more than 100 pharmaceutical firms.

Doctors are from Dhaka Medical College hospital, Sheik Mujib Medical University (BSMMU), Bangladesh Medical College & Hospital, Bangladesh Specialized Hospital, Popular Model  Hospital , NICVD, City Dental College, and many more.

They have come into the fore for better Shohoz Health. Here we can see a wide range of other facilities and services.

Pros and Cons of Healthtechs

Healthcare through your phone – this sounds too good to be true. But with proper regulation and internal control, this will be attainable. The govt must focus more on these startups. Within the year’s budget, only but 20 percent of the total GDP is given to health care, which is insufficient.

The recent crisis of corona virus, made us release the broken picture of the country’s health system. Insufficient doctors and nurses, unequipped instruments, and scarcity of protective measures are constant scenarios from day to day. Health techs can reduce these problems.

On the flip side of the coin, the provided service might not be appropriate. The essence of diagnosis and treatment relies on face to face observation. Health techs basically remove this component, with the prize of health care at doorsteps. There could also be an opportunity of misdiagnosis and error-prone treatment, despite tight monitoring.

People are soon to understand the startup is pivoting to the health tech being a revolutionary thing. The longer term beyond the COVID pandemic remains uncertain. We are yet to ascertain the advantages of health techs and startups within the future.

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