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RB Global Challenge 2020 in Bangladesh
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RB Global Challenge 2020 in Bangladesh 

eckitt Benckiser Group plc, in short RB, a British Multinational Company, was founded in 1999.  This consumer goods company believes that students from all around the world need to experience the #FreedomToSucceed by walking with them. RB Global Challenge 2020 in Bangladesh is their upcoming competition event.

  They provide a platform named “RB Global Challenge” for entrepreneurs from all over the world to bring up their ideas, get them materialized by being connected to RB. 

RB has been fighting all the way to establish a society that will have the highest quality hygiene, nourishment, and wellness. They want the young generation to join them in this incredible fight. For providing this opportunity to the bright and young entrepreneurs throughout the world, RB had initiated this flagship ideation competition

RB business is very famous and different world-famous products of RB get sold in more than 200 countries, like the USA, Russia, Japan, Canada, India, Korea, Germany, etc. countries around the world. There are many popular products of RB like Mortein, Vanish, Lysol, Durex, Harpic, Dettol, Air Wick, Veet, Vanish, etc of which we already use some.

RB Company has a huge community with 40,000+ young and talented entrepreneurs throughout the world. These entrepreneurs, in more than 60 countries, actively work for RB Company. By winning the competition, you can also become one of them and be a part of the RB Community

RB Global Challenge 2020 in Bangladesh

Timelines of the RB Global Challenge 2020 in Bangladesh competition

Registration Deadline: 18th October 2020

Business Simulation Round: 19th to 26th October 2020

Idea Submission Round: 10th to 14th November 2020

National/Regional Finale: 28th November 2020

Official Link for Registration: RB Global Challenge 2020 – Bangladesh 

Participating Procedure of the RB Global Challenge 2020 in Bangladesh 

  • The applicants must have a team that has at least two or three members. The first applicant of a team will be considered as the team leader who will later add other members to his/her team.
  • Any student from any university in Bangladesh that is approved by UGC, can participate in the competition. 
  • The applying team’s members should be from the same university, but if they are from different faculties, disciplines, departments, or years of studies, then this will be allowed. 
  • According to the set schedule, the registered teams can take part in Round 1 virtually. Without completing the first round, they won’t be qualified for participating in the next round.
  • The teams that cross the first phase of the competition will get an invitation to take part in the Idea Submission Round. Their ideas have to be financially viable and scalable. They have to present an ongoing issue, like Nutrition/Hygiene/Health of their own countries through their ideas, which will be related to an existing brand of RB.

By visiting, you can check the winning ideas which can help you to prepare your presentation better. Also, if you have any confusion about the registration procedure of the RB Global Challenge 2020, then you can make it clear by reading the “How to Participate” section there.

What benefits the winners of the RB Global Challenge 2020 will receive

The champion of this competition will receive prize money of 1,00,000 BDT. The 1st and 2nd runners up will get 50,000 BDT and 30,000 BDT respectively. 

  • The national winner of the competition will be able to attend the Grand Finale of RB Global Challenge 2020, which will be happening in London.
  • The winners will receive mentorship from the RB Leaders
  • The winners will have the opportunity to carry on their careers with RB. Also, the top 3 to 6 teams will get fast access to the Management Trainee Program of RB.
  • In the One Young World 2021, the winners will get the opportunity to represent RB.
  • RB Global Challenge 2020 winners will experience to see their ideas getting materialized. 

What Eligibilities needed to take part in the RB Global Challenge 2020 in Bangladesh 

  • The applicant must be an enrolled student from any UGC approved University in Bangladesh. 
  • Applicant must be studying in the undergraduate degree’s 3rd or 4th year, or in the graduate (Master’s) degree’s any year.
  • Students from any discipline can apply for participating in this competition. 

Only 3 days are left for registering in the RB Global Challenge 2020  which can let you have many benefits at once. So, don’t let go of this opportunity, hurry up! Register and be a part of this exciting competition along with your other team members. 

Let the world see that by having the intellect to address the critical issues, and bringing a positive change in your society, your business idea is very high on social impact. For more queries, make sure you contact the RB authority at [email protected]

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