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Robi Launches Bangladesh’s First No-code Android App Development Tool
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Robi Launches Bangladesh’s First No-code Android App Development Tool 

Bangladesh’s leading digital services provider Robi, has launched Appmaker+, the country’s first no-code Android app development platform, which enables non-developers to create apps without coding knowledge.    

According to a press release, an online webinar titled “The Future is No-Code” was held yesterday to officially launch this user-friendly tool.

The students, developers, and the freelancer community of the country will be able to create a source of income with very little resources through Appmaker+ .

Robi’s chief commercial officer Shihab Ahmed said ,

“As a digital company, Robi is continuously introducing new products and services to the market. On the other hand, we are constantly involved in the development of the country’s young society. Robi launched a tool to create apps without coding. As a result, I believe the country’s youth will have more opportunities to earn money; besides, the country will move forward in their technological innovation.”

Appmaker+  will reach out to developers and freelancers, small and medium sized businesses and e-commerce sites. Via Appmaker+, students, entrepreneurs, and the country’s freelancer community will be able to generate income with very little money.

The tool will be available on the Appmaker+ website,

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