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SAU On Campus Hult Prize Competition 2021 Finale Has Been Held
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SAU On Campus Hult Prize Competition 2021 Finale Has Been Held 

esterday saw an eventful afternoon because it was the SAU On Campus Hult Prize Competition 2021 Finale. SAU On Campus Hult Prize Competition 2021 finale has been held. The much-anticipated winner announcement was the highlight of the event. The judging panel was also adorned with talented and esteemed individuals. The program was conducted fully online.

SAU On Campus Hult Prize Competition 2021 Finale Has Been Held

On the 1st of December, 2020, the program started with a video presentation by the organizer team, as soon as the judges, guests, and participants joined. The video introduced the judges and the 8 finalist teams. The program then kicked off as the teams prepared themselves to pitch their presentation in front of the judges.

The Campus Director, Rifatul Islam (Financial Analyst at Greeniculture) started off by welcoming everyone and then handed the program over to the host and co-hosts. The speeches from respective advisers enlightened and encouraged all. The teams then presented their ideas after the formal introductions.

The organizing team included-

Rifatul Islam (Campus Director), Shanjida Shahid (Assistant Campus Director), Ahmed Imran Halimi (Training Coordinator), Preetilata Preeti (Head of Communication), Mahsena Tanjeen Mayisha (Head of Marketing), etc. and many more. Together they made sure the program went on well.

Winning Team

The winning team was announced after the special guest’s speech. The 2nd runner up, earning 3rd place was- Team Awake Agrophilic Impactors. The 1st runner up, earning the 2nd place was- Team Bull’s Eye. The winner of The SAU On Campus Hult Prize Competition 2021 Finale, who will proceed on to the regional round is- Team Uploadion!

Judge panel

The honourable judges were-

  •         Professor Mahbubul Alam, Ph.D. (Department of Agricultural Extension, Faculty of Agriculture, Sher-E-Bangla Agricultural University)
  •         Galib Hassan Khan (Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board, Bohubrihi)
  •         Estanul Kabir (Program Manager- Bangladesh Wadhwani Foundation)
  •         Safiul Islam (Lecturer, Department of Agribusiness Management, Sher-E-Bangla Agricultural University)


The program was illuminated by the presence of the Guest of Honour, Md. Arif Hossain (CEO and Executive Director of Farming Future Bangladesh) and the Special Guest, Professor Dr. Md. Nazrul Islam (Treasurer, Sher-E-Bangla Agricultural University). He stated,

“I am surprised at the ideas and executions, how the younger generation manages to be even more creative using the resources they have at their disposal. Back in our time, we would not have been able to do what they do now. I like listening to their youthful and creative ideas and I always urge them to keep innovating and pushing further.”

8 Finalist Teams: Ideas

·         Team Awake Agrophilic Impactors

Members– Md. Iftikhar Alam Omar (Technical and Business Lead), Akib Al Azad (Academic Lead), Shahed (HR and Strategic Lead), Md. Zulfiker Aki Mahin (Innovation and Communication Lead)

Their business idea aimed towards creating a smart technology-based agricultural ecosystem.

·         Team Bull’s Eye

Members- SK Rezwana Quadir Raisa, Md. Al-Amin Tareq, Ahsanul Ibad Radif

Their project was titled “Biofeed”. The basic idea was to turn organic waste into Agro Feed.

·         Team Strikers

Members- Farzana Tasnim Simran, Sadia Hossain Mim, Sanjida Tamanna Riya, Moslima Parvin

They presented a social business idea, to provide sustainable processing innovation for food and fight malnutrition.

·         Team Agri Waver

Members- Tanjina Akhter Rifa (CEO), Md. Tariqul Islam (COO), Saiful Islam Fahim (CFO), Atia Ibnath Oishi (CRO)

The idea they presented was directed at providing nutritious food while reinventing agricultural practices, aiming towards long term sustainability.

·         Team Gambit

Members- Fawzia Gowhar, Nabia Sultana Rini, Anika Tasfia, Sabbir Islam Anik

Their motto was “Farming that cares for all”. The basic idea was to create local gardens and to grow food and have zero waste.

·         Team Magic Meal

Members- Md. Rayhanur Rahman (CEO), Minhazul Kashem Chowdhury (COO), Md. Moniruzzaman CFO), Abdur Razzak (Head of Marketing and Communication)

Their basic idea was targeted towards bachelors’ and day labourers, providing them meals at low cost.

·         Team Latebees

Members- Md. Anaeth Ullah Rafi (CEO), Ahmed Imran Halimi (Supply Chain Expert), Faraz Rahim (Co-Founder and Head of Management), Abdullah Al Sakib (Head of IT), Shopna Akter (Head of Finance)

Their idea was to “Eat what you grow”. The basic idea was to provide waste management and having the opportunity to know where your own organic food production is coming from. They invented an Ecobin Platform for waste management.

·         Team Uploadion

Members- Muhammad Neamul Islam, Ahmed Shafin Istiaq Raivi, Habiba Sultana Bristy, Md. Mehedi Hasan.

Their basic business idea is a unique one- to rebuild the “shutki” business. They invented the “Uploadion Dryer”, which is estimated to sustain up to 10 years. They aim to reduce protein deficiency with their innovation and business idea.

The innovative idea and dedication of Team Uploadion earned them the 1st spot in the competition. The team’s happiness was beaming and spread throughout all the guests and judges. The program of SAU On Campus Hult Prize Competition 2021 Finale ended on a happy note as the winning teams were congratulated and applauded. 

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