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Successful Ending of SAU On campus Hult Prize Competition Grooming Sessions 2021

Successful Ending of SAU On campus Hult Prize Competition Grooming Sessions 2021 

fter registration ended on 11th October, the SAU on campus Hult prize competition 2021 has taken its turn to grooming sessions. The participants were really intrigued to attend the sessions where they expected to gain more knowledge about business idea pitches and product development processes.

SAU On campus Hult Prize Competition Grooming Sessions 2021

The SAU on-campus Hult prize competition grooming sessions 2021 are a special attraction for the young participants. they all look forward to it. this year is will commence online via ZOOM.


]The orientation session had all kinds of discussions. The advisors provided guidelines for upcoming activities. The teachers who were present in this session were- Professor Abu Noman Faruq, Professor Md Mahbhubul Alam, Mir Mohammad Ali, Saiful Islam Shawon. It commenced on 17th October 2020.

Grooming Session 1: 

The 1st grooming session commenced on the 1st of November. The hosts- Ahmed Imran Halimi and Rifatul Islam, attempted to provide guidance on the ways the participants can present their already excellent ideas into more effective ones.

Grooming Session 2: 

The 2nd grooming session commenced on the 2nd of November. The session was hosted by Mahmudul Hasan Likhon. He co-founded Hellotask. The young participants learned a lot from the grooming session with him. The facilitator talked about MVP as well as idea development.

Grooming Session 3 and 4:

The 3rd and 4th sessions covered topics like business and competition. The sessions get more about skills and development as they keep coming.

Grooming session 5: 

The 5th session was hosted by Md. Sohan Haider. He is the founder of Smartifier Academy. This grooming session was titled “Storytelling and Presentation”. This is deemed as one of the most important discussions in regard to the presentation of a business idea. The session commenced on 6th November.

Grooming Session 6: 

On the 6th of the SAU on-campus Hult prize grooming sessions 2021, a question-answer session ensued. It was hosted by Rashik Hassan. He is the CEO of EcoVia Ltd, he also co-founded the company. This session was the final one and it commenced on 7th November.

Special Session:

On the 11th of November, a special grooming session was arranged. it was titled as “Science Communication”. this special session was hosted by Md. Arif Hossain who is the Executive Director for the company “Farming Future Bangladesh”.

The SAU on-campus Hult prize competition grooming sessions 2021 were very fun and interactive. It definitely helped the participants gain more knowledge and insight on business and development. The organizers have brought the participants more updated and interactive grooming sessions this year.

Keep an eye on 13th November, Friday, on their first-round program commencement.

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