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Shazeeb M Khairul Islam Becomes Obama Foundation Scholar As First Bangladeshi
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Shazeeb M Khairul Islam Becomes Obama Foundation Scholar As First Bangladeshi 


he Scholars Program of the Obama Foundation has been choosing people for being Obama Foundation Scholars since 2018. This program is for those leaders who want to embrace inspiration, power, and tools to make their efforts more effective and fruitful. It enables them to help their communities with impactful attempts. Shazeeb M Khairul Islam, who is a Bangladeshi social entrepreneur, is one of them. 

This year, eleven ascending global leaders are chosen to be Obama Foundation Scholars and join the third cohort. They will have an opportunity to study at Columbia University in the academic year 2020-2021. 

Shazeeb M Khairul Islam Becomes Obama Foundation Scholar  As First Bangladeshi

Shazeeb M Khairul Islam, the first selected scholar from Bangladesh, is the Managing Director and Founder of YY Ventures. YY Ventures is a social business company in Bangladesh.

 The selected scholars will advance the public good, along with solving the utmost necessary problems of society. As per their commitments, they’ll try to bring a positive vibe in the community, religion, and world.

This company was founded with some particular aims – Building, Accelerating and Investing in the social businesses of Bangladesh which have different perspectives to march toward a world, where there will be three zeros –

  • Zero Poverty
  • Zero Unemployment 
  • Zero Carbon Emission

People of Bangladesh don’t know Shazeeb only for founding YY Ventures. He’s also known here because of initiating social business incubator here. The independent accelerator’s name, which he established, is “YY Goshti.” 

YY Goshti has been backing up many social entrepreneurs in Bangladesh from the year 2016. It has already impacted 1,00,000 people’s lives. 

Before getting associated with YY Goshti and YY Ventures, Shazeeb worked in “YGAP Bangladesh.” He was the founding country director in that international development non-profit organization. Through YGAP Bangladesh, he helped 30 social entrepreneurs in Bangladesh. 

Shazeeb also has experience of working in Give2Asia as the Bangladesh Country Advisor. Through that non-profit, US-based Organization, he supported the building and innovating collaborations between disadvantaged community-based organizations and noble-minded investors.

According to David Simas, the CEO of the Obama Foundation, “This pandemic has changed all of our lives, and it has revealed some of the deep-rooted inequities that 2018 and 2019 have committed their lives to solve. Over the past several months, the Scholars have found innovative ways to pivot their work to meet the needs of people in their communities.”

He added that “The world needs more leaders like this, now more than ever, and we look forward to supporting our third cohort of Scholars on their leadership journeys.”

Because of the Pandemic COVID-19, the Obama Foundation Scholars will join their classes online this year from 7th September. The orientation of the fall semester is currently ongoing. If the situation of COVID-19 changes, then the authority might change their plans later.

With the Obama Foundation’s consultation, Columbia University has designed an appropriate curriculum for the Obama Foundation Scholars. Because of this intense curriculum, the selected scholars will have educational, exploratory, and skill-based learning. 

They will prepare a work plan for themselves by knowing real-world skills, tools, and acquaintances. In the long run, it will be beneficial for them to shape their strategies and to materialize them through reinvestment in their disadvantaged communities.

Besides these, the Obama Foundation Scholars will get opportunities to work in Columbia World Projects. It is an initiative taken by Columbia University for mobilizing the scholars and researchers of the university to work with several communities, organizations, businesses, and also with the Government. Behind all these, the only motive is creating physical solutions for all the real-world problems. 


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