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Shohoz Launches New EdTech Platform “Shohoz Learn”
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Shohoz Launches New EdTech Platform “Shohoz Learn” 

Shohoz has launched its own education technology (EdTech) platform – Shohoz Learn – aiming to facilitate seamless online learning in light of the ongoing Covid-19 situation. It is initially being introduced with an award-winning collection of more than 100 children’s ebooks with the audio reader and assessment tools. This new venture will be a major step towards providing quality education for all, even those who are unable to access or afford it due to the current crisis.

Shohoz Launches New EdTech Platform

With schools preoccupied with the Covid-19 pandemic, it is becoming more difficult for educators to interact with students. However, platforms like Shohoz Learn are constantly changing how educators teach and children learn via innovation in their educational tools.

The Covid-19 pandemic has left many classrooms overcrowded as a result of quarantined students who cannot physically enter school grounds due to potential infection risks. To make matters worse, teachers now find themselves working online without any direct contact or physical interaction between them and their pupils. Which can only be done through EdTech programs such as Shohoz Learning. It provides innovative methods of education by helping transform traditional teaching styles into fun active learning opportunities while promoting seamless connections between teacher and student alike.

The platform was specifically designed to make it easy for both children and their parents to access. The Shohoz app is available on Google Play or App Store, so anyone can subscribe! Maliha Quadir – Managing Director at Shohoz says,

“Technology like this makes us a developed nation much faster than our current pace.”

In the coming months, Shohoz plans to increase its variety of quality EdTech tools by introducing classrooms, dashboards, discussion boards, and more for teachers. In addition to this, they plan on adding educational video content as well as podcasts and much more!

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