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SOLshare: Experience Brighten Life With Electricity

SOLshare: Experience Brighten Life With Electricity 

OLshare is an innovative idea that transformed into a startup, which provides affordable solar Electricity and allows us to share it in a peer to peer way. 

The solar home system in Bangladesh is now a topic of current interest that makes life better for the people who live in remote and dense areas.

In Bangladesh, more than 17 million homes don’t have Electricity due to governmental mismanagement. For this reason, 3 million-plus homes are connected with the solar home system (SHS). In these rural areas, Solshare provides their service that is a solar system which has nanogrid installation that allows us to share our extra Electricity with our neighbors who are using the same service.

Moreover, people from rural areas can also earn extra by sharing their surplus Electricity with others. SOLshare has given them a wonderful chance to earn extra by using their facility. On the other hand, the users who are new, experienced the benefits of Electricity for the first time in their home.

So, without a doubt, this is one of the fabulous startups in the current situation, which is working on the welfare of unprivileged people. Here we are going to brief their extraordinary journey ahead in this article. Happy reading!

Initial Stage of SOLshare 

Sebastian Groh and Daniel Ciganovic founded This Dhaka based startup in 2015. SOLshare is A great solar companyin Bangladesh, which is working against the most prominent problem which our country is facing now.

When this startup was founded, our government launched a program to double the number of users who are receiving the service of SHS. The mission was to make the number 3 million to 6 million.

Only using a local microgrid Solshare service accepts us to produce, share, consume, and earn via Electricity. Solar panels are mainly generating Electricity using sunlight, which is environment friendly and far better than using a generator, kerosene lamps.

However, the current economic policy of SOLshare is based on selling their solutions, connectivity equipment for their SOLcontrol and SOLbox. This startup holds a vision that they will set up more than 10,000 nanogrids before 2023 and the aim is to reach more than 1 million users.

How SOLshare Fixing our Basic Need for Electricity

Bangladesh is an overpopulated country that has 160+ million population and the number of households is 29+ million. From the international finance corporation, we came to know that our electrification rate is 41%, where more than 17 million households don’t have Electricity. 

However, many people from our county live in rural areas and they face this problem regularly because the electrification rate is 28% here. So many of them try to use the solar system to get rid of this problem, but the problem is the individual solar system can not afford many devices that consume colossal Electricity.


Peer to peer electricity process
Fig: Solshare’s Peer to peer electricity process

So, fixing this problem, this startup company provides us, peer, to peer electricity that means the mainline is interconnected with the local trading network of households even without a solar home system.

When you connect it with the local trading network, the individual solar utility also increases by up to 30%. For that, more people can access the same structure and can enjoy the electrical service at a low cost. 

Earn Through SOLshare

There is a great chance of earning people who are using solar panel in Bangladesh through the nanogrid system. SOLshare opens up a superb business deal for the household owners. It is an ample opportunity for them to upgrade their solar Electricity and earn profit through it.

However, a simple householder with a solar panel can be a smart entrepreneur overnight when their solar system starts to produce surplus energy. The surplus electricity is also credited to their mobile phone accounts that they are able to know how much power they are able to share with others. For this business model, SOLshare is recognized as an “Uber” of non-electric or off-grid areas.

Moreover, the essential thing for the SOLshare trading network is back-end ICT-enabled data management, which enables the user to share their extra Electricity and allows mobile money infrastructure for remote payment. So this is undoubtedly a revolutionary idea to enrich the use of solar energy in Bangladesh.

Achievements and Awards 

In 2018 Free Electron Accelerator Program announced SOLshare is the champion of the World best energy startup2018. The same year, this startup also won the title of 2018 Economic Forum Technology Pioneer. For these achievements, their peer-to-peer off-grid electricity supply service is praised all over the World.

The CEO of SOLshare Sebastian Groh said that,

“Our Smart peer-to-peer network is providing the best service in rural areas, and we believe that the system we are building is going to be the future utilities of the whole World.”

Moreover, This startup raised its company’s new funding about $1.1 Million, which is terrific. IIX Impact Partners sponsors this huge funding round for SOLshare. They also won the first price from a startup competition which is organized by SEPCO. They give SOLshare $200,000 worth prize money as funding. So, the startup company SoLshare is doing its best to be the top one in the business sector in this current environment. 

Job and Internship Opportunity

SOLshare is now a desirable place for fresher graduates and they are offering promising job opportunities to the praiseworthy applicants. In this current situation, they are really finding some game-changer agents who can create an impact on the substantial change in our society.

They are hiring 

  • Chief information officer
  • Jr. power electronics engineer
  • Jr. technical Writer
  • Jr. customer manager
  • Jr. Firmware Testing Engineer

Internship opportunity

  • Intern- data science management.

Mission and vision of ME SOLshare

SOLshare introduced us to a new world where a simple Solar panel can be the source of your Electricity and money earning. Solar panel Bangladesh is now a very regular and essential commodity to gear up our lives. 

So, this entire system creates a very positive impact in our society for making our life this much comfortable. You can contact them through their online site and email id: [email protected]

However, the main motto and mission of SOLshare is to create a network and share your surplus Electricity that is able to brighten your future. This startup company also has a vision that they believe in their development of peer-to-peer off-grid networks, and this entire process can be the future for electric energy utilities globally.


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