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Strategic Influencer Marketing can Boost Your Business 

Influencer marketing is now an established buzz term that is basically another form of online marketing. It can create brand awareness and increase sales for your business/company.

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is based on social media marketing where individuals who have dedicated social media followers use their accounts to promote endorsements and brand products to attract general people, basically their dedicated followers. Today, Influencer marketing creates huge traffic and it actually works because of the high amount of trust that social influencers have built up with their followers. Recommendations from them serve as a form of social proof to your brand’s potential customers.

Usually, influencers are people who can motivate/influence people to take action. Like the celebrities, media personalities, or even those who have lots of followers in their social media accounts. So, it’s not just about what celebrities can do to influencer marketing. Sometimes this marketing can be paid or sometimes it can be promotional. This actually creates a win-win situation between the brand and the influencer. 


How to get started

Whether you are totally a newbie or you just want to know inside of influencer marketing I am going to give you some tips and strategies.

Influencer marketing developed basically by the content creator on social media. Instagram, YouTube and other social media are the key examples of it.

But nowadays influencers are Mostly seen on Instagram and youtube.

Sometimes many actors or influencers even big-shot companies just for promotion.  Mobile phones/Laptops or any kind of gadget that have not yet hit the market are unboxed on YouTube, trailers marketed on TV channels before the release of a movie all came under the influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing developed basically by the content creator on social media. Instagram, YouTube and other social media are the key examples of it. 


How to Choose the Influencers

It is not necessary that more followers means more influence.

It is simple. Think the biggest celebrities of the world using brand products or using any service that is common. Most of the time people will take it casually. But in case of other influencers who have lesser followers while posting photos/videos using any brand products people will largely be affected by them. Because generally they are not considered as celebrities and so people will think if they are using it with utmost satisfaction why we cannot.

Most importantly. Influencers with 20k to 50k followers have more responses than big shot celebs and they are 6/7 times cheaper than them. 

Recommendations from lesser followers influencers get the best trust from the audience and will serve as social proof to your brand’s potential customers.


Basic Strategies of Influencer Marketing 

Your first step should be researching. Research on your targeted audience/customer, make a list of which type of influencers will be beneficial for you and how much you want to invest here.

Then choose your social media platform where you want to focus. Of course, it is not necessary to stick with only one platform; you can always expand to other platforms later. Keep in mind that your brand should already have a presence on this platform where you want to expand.

Otherhand, based on your business you should choose the platform. Beauty/fashion related brands shine more on Instagram and YouTube. Technology-based gadgets or reviews of products work well on Youtube.

Track Your Results

You must track the success of your campaign. One of the ways for tracking is using specific hashtags. Otherhand, you can create affiliate codes/tracking links for your influencers to see how much is generating from influencers.


Lastly, influencer marketing is not about quick results. It is not about selling directly, rather it is some kind of slow and steady approach to the targeted audience and keep in mind that not all campaigns are successful.

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