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Streaming Platforms in Bangladesh: Best Online Entertainment Sources

Streaming Platforms in Bangladesh: Best Online Entertainment Sources 

nline video streaming is one of the essential parts of our regular life. In the past, audio-visual entertainment was an important source of our amusement.

In those days, we always tried to watch films, sports, dramas, and many other TV shows on television in our leisure time especially we have seen many Netflix users in Bangladesh but do you know that we have some amazing streaming platforms in our country? Let’s talk about streaming platforms in Bangladesh.

Streaming Platforms in Bangladesh 

Even in our busy schedule, we also managed to watch the repeated telecast of our favorite show then, but now people really find it hard to manage time for watching television and the quality of TV shows also falling down day by day. So, we are no more able to match up with the time of our favorite TV show for having several workloads.

However, now media consumption is increasing in digital format globally. That’s why people can easily watch their favorite show anytime, anywhere.

In this case, Bangladesh also showed an enormous improvement and made a significant jump from traditional media to the digital media format. 

For this progress, we can effortlessly watch a lot of visual contents from any of our digital devices, with a stable internet connection. Using the entertainment industry, the streaming platform of Bangladesh is becoming the largest chain of producers in the whole country.

Types Of Streaming Sites In Bangladesh 

Here we have some video streaming markets in Bangladesh, which is gaining popularity precisely for their unique qualities. As a Bangladeshi user, Netflix is also available for us now.

So, Netflix users of Bangladesh are continually increasing and we can stream and watch many foreign films or shows very smoothly. 

We also have three telecom services, which are providing streaming sites such as Bioscope powered by Grameenphone, Banglaflix powered by Banglalink, and RobiTV by Robi. There are also some independent running sites, which are BongoBD, 3rdbell, Popcorn live, Iflix, Hoichoi, and many more. 

So, we are going to brief some of the famous Bangladeshi streaming services below. Let’s have a look at Bangladeshi streaming sites.


Bongo is the very first startup company by Ahad and Navidul Haque, which is providing online video streaming services. There are more than 87 million users who are using BongoBD for Bengali contents and the software & infrastructure of Bongo allow different devices like smartphones, laptops etc for the last 5 years. 

However, Bongo has made a remarkable step in Bangladesh and achieved ICT national award and a golden play button from youtube as a first Bangladeshi company. They claim to have more than 30,000 movies, dramas, and tv shows.

Across the country, more than 62 million hours of content are being consumed by the users every month. They also manage Bioscope by Grameenphone with almost similar contents.

Now Bongo is gaining international attention and they are working on the development of its contents. They digitized many Bengali classic cinemas, dramas, tv shows and all are available at


This streaming site of Bangladesh launched in 2014 and gained tremendous popularity. In 2016 they suddenly shutdown their movement, but recently, they came out from their stealth mode and are planning to do something outstanding. 

However, they always worked with original content production, but they failed to reach the aim of target users numbers. For their ad-driven business model, they lose the attraction of many potential users.

So, we are eagerly waiting for their new arrival and expecting an excellent quality of facilities from their company.


In 2016 Grameenphone launched a video streaming site, which is Bioscope. Since then, they are providing outstanding service to their users. They allow their users to watch live tv channels and movies, dramas on the basis of the user’s choice.

At first, they provided a free subscription, but in the later case, they started charging while the user’s number increased. Now they have daily two lakh daily users and more than seven million registered subscribers in their web page and app version.

 According to a source, there are more than 40 tv channels and 15000+ movies, shows, sports and dramas. Bioscope has a content partner named Stellar Digital Ltd and the company partner, which is BongoBD. So there are enormous Bengali content and live TV shows that can be a great source of entertainment. All services are available at

Iflix Bangladesh Operation

In 2017 Iflix started its journey in Bangladesh. Basically, they are a Malaysia based streaming site, and they entered the Bangladesh market in partnership with Robi. This entertainment platform is the first multinational online-streaming subscription that has a local operation team in Bangladesh.

However, this company followed a great strategy to achieve target users in Bangladesh. It was definitely a challenging deal for them to attract more audience.

They tried to include local original Bengali contents to their library. To increase the additional revenue, they also worked with many local companies for advertising deals.

Lastly, they decided that after some months, their Bangladesh operation would be discontinued. They will shut down their local operation team and Bangladesh office, But the subscription facilities for Iflix users will remain the same. You can watch their entertainment service from this link

Hoichoi BD

HoichoiBD is Non-stop online Bengali Entertainment. Now it is one of the On-demand streaming sites in Bangladesh. There are more than 500 Bengali movies in their library. They also included so many authentic classical shows and shorts. Every month they keep adding new content for their daily users.

After that, Hoichoi is going to provide movies and documentaries very soon. If you are a music buff, there are  1000+ Bengali music options for you in Hoichoi without charging extra. So you can stream online or download these songs anytime.

However, Hoichoi has gained 80000+ user’s love and attention, which is moreover to go. You may be a Bengali or not; Hoichoi will always give you the best entertainment experience ever. You can watch and enjoy their service from


Binge is the first online entertainment platform in Bangladesh, which is delivering exclusive content on the big screen and small screen both. They started their journey on May 22 of this year.

Binge claims to have an extensive entertainment catalog and they included 100+ international Tv channels. It is one of the newest video streaming services in Bangladesh.

The director of Red Dot Digital Limited, Ahmed Arman Siddiqui said,

“A user can watch various shows from the kingdom of Binge and there are many genres like Thriller, Drama, Comedy, Romance, Action what not! We have entered a new era of entertainment where we don’t need any smart Tv. We can watch HD quality videos using our smartphones.” 

There are three types of packages for smartphones in Binge. Customers will pay TK. 10, 30, and 99 respectively for their daily, weekly, and monthly package, which is economically affordable for us.

So Binge is obtaining a decent number of monthly subscribers now. You can subscribe to Binge from this website,

Robi TV and Banglaflix

These sites are not in a comparable position with the above streaming services, but they also have a reasonable number of users. Banglaflix is a mobile-app based service powered by Banglalink.

You can watch Banglaflix from or download an app from google play then subscribe. You can enjoy Bengali movies, Dramas, sports, etc there.

However, Robi TV is also providing an excellent service to Robi customers. In one app, people can find various sources of entertainment without a single advertisement. You can subscribe to them from

Summing up the Streaming Site of Bangladesh

Thes are all about streaming platforms in Bangladesh. Video streaming service growing fast in Bangladesh. In our current lifestyle, we can say that video contents are the new hot thing undoubtedly.

So it is good news for us that video streaming services in Bangladesh has a gigantic opportunity.

However, our broadband connection is low outside Dhaka and the 3G connection is much costly. If this problem is recoverable, then this video streaming sites can be the best economical source for our country.

Streaming platforms have opened a creative ocean in front of us. Bangladeshi streaming service is providing new artists using the power of digital media.

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