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Technical vs Non-Technical Entrepreneur
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Technical vs Non-Technical Entrepreneur 

Who doesn’t like to be independent and to be the boss who rules the business instead of being ruled by someone else! While many people look out for 9-5 office jobs, some are out there busy building their own business from scratch to be an entrepreneur. So, the debates begins here technical vs non-technical entrepreneur.

Can I become an entrepreneur?

Speaking of the qualifications that one needs to acquire for becoming an entrepreneur, many people come across this question- Do I need to become a technical expert? Because, after all, you cannot ignore the importance of technology in this era.  

However, there is some significant difference between a technical and a non-technical entrepreneur.

Here’s what you need to know before stepping into the world of technical vs non-technical entrepreneur

The difference between technical vs non-technical entrepreneur

When entrepreneurs run their business using software, applications, or websites or by creating a social network are called technical entrepreneurs. They run the whole system using the internet and apply their ideas using technology, they are also addressed as the CTO (Chief Technical Officer).

On the other hand, a non-technical entrepreneur is someone who does not acquire extra tech-related skills but has other business skills. In today’s world, especially after the pandemic, everyone is using social media apps and almost every shop is available on the internet. That is why many people are concerned that without having the technical skills- is it possible to become a successful entrepreneur at present?

You need not worry at all!

Becoming a technical expert is not mandatory as an entrepreneur. 

Choosing device

Sometimes many of your tech decisions turn out to be your business decisions. For example, you sell your products online and you need to know how to engage with customers for a good sale. So if you do not understand these, you cannot make much progress. Here the competition lies between technical and non-technical entrepreneurs because technical ones are aware of how digital marketing works and others don’t. Also, you need to choose what device to use according to your business methods. You can use a smartphone for many things that can be done easily. Then again sometimes managing sites is easier from a laptop or desktop, depending on what application or software you are using. The main difference is how you access it. Apps are required to be downloaded on a mobile phone whereas web apps can be accessed from the browser directly. 

For a non-technical entrepreneur, it is a very important and critical decision to make. This decision is not only a tech-related decision but also a business decision.

So, choose your device wisely according to your business purposes.

Technical vs Non-Technical Entrepreneur

Hiring a tech expert or become one

For various reasons you might discover yourself in a conversation with a guy or a team of tech experts and you don’t understand most of the things they speak. It has a good chance to make you feel miserable but you must not. Knowing all the tech stuff doesn’t make them any genius, it’s just their subject of work. Accept the fact that you do not know these and there is always room for learning basic tech stuff. There are many crash courses available on the internet for you to learn easily. That will provide you the ability to make good decisions, share opinions about tech-related matters in the business and you will be able to understand the discussions with others. If you don’t want to study you can simply hire or partner up with someone who knows and let them do the tech-related discussions. 

That will save you from all the anxiety!

Being proactive about learning

Every small to large business is going online these days. So, to keep up the pace with a technical entrepreneur, non-technical ones need to be proactive when it comes to learning. Learn little by little and be engaged, be keen to learn because that will give you confidence and it will serve you in great ways. If you learn it, you will understand the whole mechanism, you will be able to identify the problems and look out for solutions. By doing this, you can take your business to the next level in the future. Also, the digital economy is rapidly changing so it is very important to keep up with it by learning and most importantly having the mentality to learn.

Be solution-focused

Consider trying multiple platforms to achieve the best result. Evaluate and look out for various technology solutions rather than sticking into one. Monitoring is also important, keep in mind that your decision and acts will change the future of your business. So you have to be very cautious to avoid mistakes. If you are dependent on your tech partner or an agency for your technical part to maintain, you should be careful. Often they tend to go with what they know or are familiar with. This can be a biased act and it might not be necessarily good for your business at all. So always be cautious as the final decision is in your hands.

Getting the job done by others

You are so much drowned with all the work and meetings that you barely can manage time to learn tech-related work. If that is the case, you can hire others to do it for you. But finding a good one is sure a tough job I must say. There are so many agencies offering this service, it is difficult to choose. You will also find contract freelancers and full-time employees as well willing to do the job. So many options are available for you if you have extra money to invest in hiring others. While writing the technical job description, mention what you are looking for clearly. Make it attractive so that people find it interesting and apply it. Remember, finding good technical support is important for the business.

Wrapping up

So, technical VS Non-Technical entrepreneur do not have much difference from each other, with the changes of the world business system it has become a necessity to understand the digital economy and its systems. Learning ways of running a business with the trend is one of the important ways to achieve success.  

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