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Top 10 Female Entrepreneurs In Bangladesh

Top 10 Female Entrepreneurs In Bangladesh 

eing a woman in business may be a tough competition, especially within the male-dominated culture. Many moons ago, doing business was solely associated with men.

Well, the time has changed. During this article, we’ll honor the highest 10 female entrepreneurs in Bangladesh.

Top Female Entrepreneurs in Bangladesh

Bangladeshi women got to struggle and strive for the change of their fate. They have to go through many obstacles throughout the journey. It becomes more obvious once they want to become self-employed or empowered themselves.

The good news is, lately tons of girls have chased their dreams and achieved them successfully. They’re the model for the women thriving to make an identity all on their own. Here are the highest 10 woman entrepreneurs of our country have made their mark within the business.

Bibi RussellShe is bibi russell

Bibi Russell can take the title of most successful women, easily. Being a former catwalk model and a queen of khadi clothes, she is that the founding father of Bibi productions. It’s a sophisticated renowned fashion house, working with regional craftsmen across Bangladesh.

She was born in Chittagong and completing her graduation from the London College of fashion. In her career, she worked as a model for a couple of years. This former catwalk queen founded her brand with a saying – changing the society. Her unique style has inspired many.


She understood the potentiality of Bengali crafts. With a vision, she has been working relentlessly to save lots of heritage. She has received many awards from several reputable organizations. She is now working to assist new designers within the fashion and textile industry.

Ivy Haq RussellIvy huq russell

Ivy Haq Russell, former underwriter, has founded a startup named, Maya. Ivy always dreamed of empowering her peer women. By giving the women free access to information, she wants to create a shared community. By creating the web site,, Ivy provides a chance to enhance the lives of the many.

She is currently working because of the director of Maya. Maya is definitely one of the most interesting business ideas. Maya helped to convert the lives of many average women who once were lagging behind. It’s a really compelling value proposition alongside a sensible chance to vary.

Being a philanthropist, Ivy launched the demo site in 2011. Within the same year, Maya stood 1st runners-up in the BRAC’s 40-year innovation competition. She is getting to include more Bengali content within the future.

Rubaba DowlaRubaba dowla

Rubaba Dowla is that the founding father of Pulse Healthcare Service, established in 2017. She may be a phenomenally experienced pioneer. She also possesses a successful diary of brand name management, product innovations, and company correspondence.

She worked because of the head of the M-commerce management of Airtel Bangladesh. She has been involved in the telecommunications field for quite fifteen years.

Having extensive involvement in planning corporate vision and future strategy, she did marketing related functions including spearheading various product innovations.

Rubaba has done many things. For example P&L responsibility, segmentation, VAS, Brand administration, and development than on. Dowla thinks accomplishing things on time is significant during work. Within the corporate world, things got to be done right moment.

Taslima Miji

Taslima miji

Among other faces in this list, Taslima Miji may be the young face in the business. She is the founding member of Techmania. It is a corporation giving hardware and hardware related services inside the Dhaka city. The services include hardware, assembling computers, networking, etc. they also provide IT-related peripheral and troubleshooting for many devices.

Everybody respects for Taslima not only for hard work and passion but also for her personality and lifestyle. We can learn so much from her life, passion, rebellious nature, childhood memories, and many more.

She shared her start, unexpected step into the world of entrepreneurship, and struggling for an identity. Many young entrepreneurs can take her journey and career growth as a great source of knowledge.

Among all these, the greatest thing from Taslima’s story is her beliefs of entrepreneurship and life.  She knew that our society doesn’t allow women to work for their dreams and goals. She broke this social norm and bravely overcome every obstacle before her.

Sabila Enun

Sabila Inun

Sabila Enun, an entrepreneur, who has different thinking comparing to others. While most of the ladies consider stability and security to be more important at one point in her career, Sabila is willing to form her own identity through her work.

She completed her degree in computing and engineering. Then, she has started working with DCastalia. She served her duty to various national and global organizations as trainers and consultants, throughout her entrepreneurial pursuit.

Sabila is a great businesswoman. She is a beauty with the brain – a combination we don’t see often in our society. Still, now she searched for opportunities to find out and improve. Alongside her entrepreneurial pursuit, she worked to improve the working condition of the female in our country.

We have learned what makes her different from many of her interviews. Many are amazed at her unbreakable spirit to face any challenge in the works. She is determined to accomplish anything in her life.

Selima Ahmed

She is Selima Ahmed

Being the president and founding member of the Bangladesh Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BWCCI), Selima helped many in their path to success. This organization represents initiatives of young female entrepreneurs and supports them. It is devoted to facilitating the advancement of their entrepreneurial journey exclusively.

Selima took the initiative to make a chamber of commerce in Bangladesh. She also a successful businesswoman in her career and has many years of experience working in the private sectors.

She has won many prestigious awards including the Islamic Development Bank prize in 2012. She was humored as the best women entrepreneurs for her outstanding works.

Sabrina Islam

Sabrina Islam

Sabrina Islam, is that the president of the ladies Entrepreneurs Association (WEA) Bangladesh. She is an executive member of Bangladesh Employers Federation also as a member of varied other trade bodies and organizations like AmCham, BFWE, SME Foundation, etc.

She has faced many major problems during running her business. Out of those, she felt the absence of coaching facilities needed for improving one’s skills and experiences. Despite these struggles, she began her company only with two workers.

Sabrina has gained her well-deserved success after many years of hardship. She has received a DHL award from Daily Star for “the Most Outstanding Woman” in Business Award in 2008.

Nadia Binte Amin

Nadia binte amin

Alongside her friends, Nadia Binte Amin has founded Research and Computing Services in the year of 1993. Her company has been conducting research works with many renowned organizations such as UNICEF, UNDP, and other global NGOs.

She also worked with various national and multinational companies in different sectors. These are education, sanitation, hygiene, child protection, labor security, etc.

Being hooked into helping people, she works in several social organizations, helping women and youngsters. Nadia always hopes to make great changes in the socio-economic condition of common people in Bangladesh, with her long experiences, special sets of skills, and working spirit.

Samira Zuberi Himika

Samira Zuberi Himika

Samira Zuberi Himika is the founding member and director of the company – team engine. She always believed that necessary to understand everything is crucial for an entrepreneur. One needs to learn what is important to run a business. She advises never to point out the arrogance of smaller work as that was too unrelated to your position.

In her life, Samira is a caring and supportive woman. She always encourages people around her, regardless of their work and skill. She has worked in many renowned international organizations.

Being a self-inspired person, Samira also showed her talent in communication areas even before starting her journey to successful entrepreneurship.

Salina Qadarr

Salina Qadarr woman entrepreneur Salina Qadarr, a stern believer of feminism, founded Agriconcern, an agriculture-based business, within the year 1985. She observed that unlike other countries, Bangladesh’s government provides merely the tenth subsidy in potato export.

Her company has been helping them to supply 10000 to 12000 metric plenty of potato for exportation per annum. She also does works for preserving the environment and improving the lives of many rural farmers. In 2004, She received an award from The Daily Star for her tenacious effort.


Women aren’t bound by any social and cultural differences. During this renaissance, they’re adopting new roles proudly. Our current Government is additionally trying to bring new faces within the business. Maybe someday, the list is going to be longer than simply the highest 10 female entrepreneurs in Bangladesh.

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