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Top 10 Rising HealthTech Startups in Bangladesh

Top 10 Rising HealthTech Startups in Bangladesh 

angladesh recently has turned out to be one of the largest marketplaces in Asia. Like any other developing country, Bangladesh has progressed in the field of technology too.

Almost 147 million people use mobile in Bangladesh, which has been proven as a plus point for so many subscribers of technology-based startups. 

Lamentably, there is s dearth of health technologies in Bangladesh. But the good news is that entrepreneurs have started working hard and taking steps to establish health tech startups in Bangladesh.

Hope the day is not far when we will compete with other developed countries with our healthcare startups in Bangladesh

Top 10 HealthTech Startups in Bangladesh

It’s quite possible that someone dear of you becomes sick suddenly. And having no other option, you have to call or contact somehow with any health tech startup for health tips. For your convenience, here you’ll get to know about the best health tech startups of Bangladesh at once –

Doctorola, launched in 2015, is the first startup that initiated an online doctor appointment booking service in Bangladesh. 8000+ doctors from all over the country work for this startup.

BD Venture Ltd. has raised funds for very few local startups in Bangladesh and Doctorola is one of those. It has raised an amount of 20 million BDT from that investment company.

Bangladesh got to know about e-sastho because of Doctorola. And e-sastho undoubtedly has simplified the healthcare service in Bangladesh. Also, you can easily find blood donors by using their website. Cancer Care is another diversified project initiated by Doctorola. 

CMED, founded in 2016, is another popular health tech startup in Bangladesh. It provides one of the best health monitoring systems in this country. You can take services from many healthcare devices at once because of CMED Health.

The services include Smart Glucometer, Smart Weight Scale, Smart Blood Pressure Monitor, Smart Pulse Oximeter, Smart Temperature Scale, etc.

For praising CMED for their tremendous works, Seedstars Global has awarded them with the Innovation Prize. They will soon receive $50k as investment from Seedstars. CMED as a startup graduated from GP Accelerator‘s second batch.

Jeeon is a popular social enterprise in Bangladesh that has applied the bKash model in Health Care in Bangladesh. Its aim is to establish quality primary healthcare for disadvantaged communities in Bangladesh and make well-being universal. Most of the people know Jeeon for their excellent relationships with the rural pharmacists. 

Empowering the underserved people in health technology was the focus of the founding time. It provides chances to interested people who want to engage themselves in healthcare services in Bangladesh.

Currently, Jeeon is connected with more than 40 pharmacies, where the initiating number of pharmacies was only 4. You can take services from Jeeon by spending 300 takas only.

Tonic is an online platform for searching for doctors and booking doctor’s appointments. Telenor Health initiated Tonic in 2005. Grameenphone customers can take services from it anytime by spending only 5 takas every minute.

According to Tonic, they provide people with a master plan to be safe and sound. That’s why they set their tagline as “Complete Healthcare for All”.

The main focuses of Tonic are Child Care, Heart Diseases, and Diabetes. Since the foundation, it has been equally serving the corporates. You can receive proper health information and services in Bangladesh anytime by installing the Tonic app on your phone or smart device.

Doctorsbd is one of the largest directories of doctors in Bangladesh. It was founded in 2004. Whenever you need an appointment from your desired doctor, this website can be proven as a helping hand for you. 

Besides appointment managing, Doctorsbd provides information about hospitals, medical institutes, blood donors, clinics, diagnostic centers, etc. Doctors are available 24/7 through this website. So you can submit your problems anytime and get services from them.

Rx71 is the first online-based medical platform in Bangladesh that has promised to provide 360-degree digital health services. Three qualified entrepreneurs of Bangladesh named Mehedi Hasan, Nizam Uddin, and Tareq Hasan started this health tech startup in Bangladesh. Rx71 aims at making people’s living healthy making them aware of healthcare. 

The most interesting part of Rx71 is that they have taken initiative to establish a platform containing Bengali health-related content. Apart from taking appointments and services from renowned doctors, you can also check the Youtube videos about health care services on the website, which is a unique side of them.

By subscribing to their directory, you can take any kind of health service staying at home.

ePharma, founded in 2016, is one of the best online pharmacies in Bangladesh. You can order prescribed medicines by uploading your prescription on this online pharmacy anytime.

They also deliver many healthcare products like beauty and skincare products, hygiene products, personal medical devices, dietary supplements, and multivitamins, etc.

For the convenience of recipients, they have categorized their services in different sections, like – Women Care, Baby Care, Health Conditions, Diabetic Care, Personal Care, Sexual Wellness. They try to offer their customers the best products and accessories with the best rates. 

The Medical Directory of Bangladesh can be considered as the main health workforce in Bangladesh. It was founded in 2015 in the capital of Bangladesh, Dhaka. Most people use it for finding nearby doctors or booking appointments them.

You can find information about the medical news portal, medical jobs, or blood banks about Bangladesh on the website. In short, you can get any kind of Bangladeshi Health Tips on the website anytime. For your convenience, you can download the app on your smart device to get services anytime.

People consider DhakaPharma as one of the best online pharmacy stores in Bangladesh. It was commenced by Zaman IT in August 2017. Users can order prescribed medicines from this pharmacy by uploading their prescriptions.

You can order household items like breakfast cereals from this pharmacy. Also, this pharmaceutical company of Dhaka will provide you with discounts if you will upload your prescription to order medicines from them. Their app is available on play store which has simplified the process of ordering more. 

Entrepreneurs have taken many initiatives to establish digital health care facilities in Bangladesh. Of them, Healthprior is one of the earliest ones. The unique side of this website is that there’s an e-library for the viewers.

If you are interested in this sector, then you can definitely pay a visit there and get to read various books about medical or, watch videos in their e-store.

Similarweb recently published statistics that show that Healthprior got almost 32.80k users last year. It clearly indicates how popular this website is getting day by day. So whenever you need medical help online, Healthprior will not back out to help you by any means.

There are almost $100 million valued startups which are already established in Bangladesh. But the insignificant number of health tech startups, which is only 98, disappoint the mass people here most of the time. But while there’s a dearth of health care startups in Bangladesh, the existing health tech startups are working hard day and night just to make people’s lives easier.

So whenever you need health tips in Bangladesh, don’t hesitate to contact these startups. Let the digital healthcare movement flourish in Bangladesh to be benefitted from these healthtech startups in Bangladesh. And don’t forget to share your idea about Bangladeshi Health Tips with us in the comment section! 

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