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Top 10 Online Education Platforms in Bangladesh

Top 10 Online Education Platforms in Bangladesh 

tudying online has become very popular in recent days as it requires very little cost and also, it’s a very easy process. Let’s discuss the top 10 online education platforms in Bangladesh.

You just have to enter the web address of the education platform you want to enter and then keep learning about the things you’re interested in. Just like other developed countries, Bangladesh has also flourished in the online education sector gradually.

Top 10 Online Education Platforms in Bangladesh

There are many popular online education websites in Bangladesh. As we want you to be a part of this wonderful section of technology, we’re providing needed information about the most popular online education platforms of Bangladesh below – 

10 Minute School 

10 Minute School is the most popular online education platform in Bangladesh. Although it was started as a small initiative now, almost 1,50,000 students regularly attend classes through this platform. The popular telecom company ROBI and many numerous public figures now are sponsors of this platform.

This platform provides classes for JSC, SSC and HSC candidates mainly. Besides, professional workers can also be benefitted by watching some of their content. 10 Minute School is also popular among the students for University Admission Test special classes and skill development courses.

Repto Education Center 

Many people call Repto as the “Udemy Bangladeshi Version”. Experts in different subjects prepare videos and upload them on this site. Students enroll in the courses and after completion, they get certificates online. This is just like the process Udemy follows.

Repto offers both paid and free courses. They offer courses on different topics like Programming, Digital Marketing, Photography, English Language, Entrepreneurship, Database, MS Office, Graphic Design, etc.

Also, the “Job section” on the website is continuously updated to let people know about the circulars of govt. or non-govt. jobs.

British Council 

Learning English has been a very simple matter nowadays just because of the British Council. Their website is designed by English experts. Anyone can improve their English by taking the help of this website. By visiting this website, you can join classes or take tests anytime.

People have the liberty to choose courses online as per their needs. What mainly attracts users the most is they have launched an app to make learning English easier and more available for the beginners. They have categorized English for children, teenagers, adults, university students, companies, etc. separately. 

Shikkhok Batayon 

The government of Bangladesh set up a target of bringing digitalization in the education field of Bangladesh which resulted in imitating such a website. PPT presentation slides made by teachers from different corners of the country have enriched the website.

Both school and madrasa teachers upload their self-made content on this website. They explain different terms and topics for school-level academic studies.

School students from all over the country attain the benefits of studying by staying at home because of this website. The study contents of this website are divided into three parts – 1) General, 2) Technical, and 3) Madrasa. 


Bohubrihi is a very popular online education platform in Bangladesh. You can visit this website to enroll your name in different courses and be a professional in any sector by getting instructions from mentors.

Also, you can get access to exclusive content on this website. The founders established this site to quench the young generation’s thirst for knowledge and make them more engaged in education.

Bohubrihi aims at contributing to some of the most needed and instinctive sectors of this century to attract more people across the country. So if you want to be self-educated, you can visit this site anytime.

Logos of Batch 2 Startup Dhaka


e-shikhon allows anyone to take different model tests which helps them to prepare themselves on various subjects. Subjects from the JSC level to the BCS test are available on the website.

You can take your chosen topic’s model tests at different levels. Technical audio-visual courses are also available on the site.

So you can try out courses like CPA training, WordPress, SEO, affiliate marketing, graphic design, Android development, etc. at any time. The most useful side of this website is that you’ll find a blog section on the website, where you’ll get much informative write-ups. Anyone can keep himself/herself updated with the latest news of education with the help of this website.

Amar Pathshala

Amarpathshala has recently been known as an educational site that provides almost every kind of educational service. They offer video lessons for students to learn new things in easier ways.

For people who are seeking for jobs, they have a completely different section, where information about job circulars is available.

Already there are more than 12000 videos on this website for students of class one to twelve. Anyone can also attend courses for professional and skill development there. These beneficial courses are totally free of cost and you can grab this opportunity from any corner of the world‌!


If you visit the website of Educarnival, you’ll find ways to prepare yourself for competitive examinations. With the help of this website, you can try to solve previous questions of state competitive exams like Public University Admission Tests, Medical College Admission Tests, Bank Jobs, SSC, Teacher Registration and other government recruitment exams, etc.

You’ll also find model tests happening there for each module. Also, you’ll find a section where fantastic academic write-ups are easily available. These write-ups of different topics will not fail to make your learning more flawless. So you can’t just ignore the report/assignment section!

Light of Hope

“Light of Hope” is the very first education startup in Bangladesh. That’s why even though they have fewer activities online, their name is a must in this article. Light of Hope dreams about shaping the future with the help of technology more precisely.

During this pandemic, they have arranged online courses for teachers and parents to instruct children through them.

Light of Hope provides access to the creative learning for parents and teachers through online so that they could be eligible enough to teach the children properly. But mainly this startup tries to provide e-learning facilities to the rural schools of Bangladesh. 


Srijonsil is a popular online educational service provider in Bangladesh. The people associated with Srijonshil try to add the taste of learning in unique ways to engage the future generation in education more than ever. They have an aim to make education reach every door of Bangladesh by the year 2020.

The Srijonshil team tries to connect to the students more which is why they have organized a team of 20 students from different universities from each corner of the country.

They have e-books for students from class 1 to class 10. Also, they offer model tests for school and college-going students. People preparing for recruitment jobs and admission tests can also take help from this website. 

With technology being advanced nowadays and being very available to mass people, online education has become an accessible and profitable topic for everyone. Sometimes some specific and special learnings become harder to attend physically,  then online education becomes the savior of a learner’s life.

It is like a bridge that has connected tutors, learning material, and learners. You can easily learn many things on the websites mentioned above. So don’t be late and start learning your desired education as soon as possible. Cause learning has no limit and there are no age limitations for learning too! Now, instead of bunking education, just grab it. 


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