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Travel Tech in Bangladesh 

A group of students is preparing to go on for Sazek. But none of them has been there before. So, they are searching in Facebook groups, google for guides, instruction, and boom. Now they are confused about which page, which review or which travel agency and what offer they should take.

As a result of growth in the economic system, comfortable transportation and qualitative marketing of spots led people to go on a tour with family or friends throughout the year. 


What is Travel tech?


Travel technology is quickly being utilized to depict travel modules for creating and overseeing travel business, including travel agency software, tour operator software, blockchain hotel booking technology, flight booking, office management system, hotel channel manager, travel management software system, nearby restaurant management system and many more.


Perfect travel innovation can expand the site’s survey and a tremendous effect on the travel industry. These innovations of traveling service support clients to plan and book hotels and visit a destination. It gives them multiple choices of lodgings, flights, budget-friendly costs, and a lot more in one spot.

Utilizing this technology, the agent can develop a user-friendly flow for its customers.

Travel technology helps automate the travel industry to connect travel agents and suppliers and, of course, consumers. It allows travel agencies and tour operators to book flights, hotels, activities, and more via an interface that connects to a hotel, travel services, distributor channels, etc.


Travel innovation assists with computerizing the movement business to interface travel planners and providers.


Benefits of travel technology for travel agencies are:


Coordinate providers, robotize reservations and bookkeeping, smooth out back-office measures, and oversee appropriation. 

It helps travel planners brisk channel alternatives for their customers and empowers explorers to make booking autonomously of an office. 

Channel Management Solution permitting wholesalers to total and convey their contracted stock through a solitary API.


The effect of innovation on travel services is being felt in various manners. Administrations to customers are progressively engaged, and travel is turning out to be more experiential-based than objective-driven.

Technology provides significant data to help the agency managers streamline their projects, reduce costs, and improve revenues.

Innovation is giving the information expected to help organization administrators smooth out their activities, diminish costs, and improve incomes.

GDSs, high traffic entryway travel destinations, and startup organizations can get to comparable flight and hotel booking frameworks. This helps agencies rapidly channel travel choices for their customers; it likewise empowers voyagers to make self-administration booking autonomously of an organization.

Social media like Facebook, Instagram are helping innovations that empower a little staff to deal with vast quantities of requests and customers. This takes less time and offers fascinating industry data.

Gamification isn’t only a fresher cost-the executives motivation program. Gamification is another way innovation is satisfying voyagers’ needs for more improved travel encounters.

Another fascinating “experiential” innovation is expanded reality (AR). AR joins the “physical world and virtual data” to change and grow how voyagers experience their movements.

As one industry author noted, online information gathering is unavoidable and somewhat dreadful. It is also helpful in that it empowers the travel planner to successfully tweak travel to the customer’s advantages, solace, and prosperity.


Travel Tech in Bangladesh


For the past few years, our domestic tourism sector is booming. People now very much keen to visit places with family or friends circle. University going students are now a massive part of our domestic tourists, focusing on budget-friendly tours. There is now a trend in the setting who have visited how many tourist places in our country. Thus this healthy competition is upbringing our economy in transportation, hotel, and food in our tourism economy.

Overseas tours are now not limited only to India. People are now trying to go to Nepal, Bhutan, Singapore, Thailand, Maldives, Indonesia as many as they can.

The rapidly growing interest for traveling is making the industry evolving day by day. Agencies are serving lots of packages, offers, and gathering more customers.

In recent years, online travel agencies (OTAs) have changed consumer decision, choice, and behavior. Metropolitan travelers now are using online travel services for booking flights, hotels, information, and offers. Rural people are also engaging them in these kinds of services. Thus, this isn’t restricted to Dhaka as it were.

The main benefit is that one can see them easily sitting at home and can find various platforms, packages, and offers.

When we have the traditional agencies, people mostly have to follow them blindly. But now those platforms have a reviewing system. Their customers and other tourists can give their valuable comments and reviews that help both the media and the new customers.

There is a minimum of 15-20 active online travel agencies in our domestic market today. 

And there are lots of social media pages or groups. Moreover, some pages name with their respective district people to help them more affectionately, such as “Rajshahi tourists,” “Bogura travelers,” etc. Many students who have a passion for traveling monitor these groups or pages and find a way of their income because day by day, both domestic and overseas tourists are increasing.


The leading online travel agencies are Avijatrik, Haltrip, Travel Booking BD, ShareTrip, Flight Expert, Amarroom, Go Zayaan, Vromon, Jatri, Airways office, Chologhuri,, Winrooms, myflyair, PHP Holidays, TourToday BD, Amy, etc. 


Otherhand, many travel agencies are active in social media. Basically, on Facebook. They might not have any physical office room; they have many followers or group members on their page or group.


Avijatrik: Avijatrik is basically centered on community-based tourism services in Bangladesh. Set up in 2015, Avijatrik promotes local travel encounters in Bangladesh. So that explorers get an opportunity to remain with the neighborhood community for experiencing their way of life.

Haltrip: Haltrip is one of the leading B2B travel agencies in Bangladesh. They have competitive prices for airlines, and they are covering over 21+ countries and regions. It is an automated travel management system. It was founded in 2017 to provide a fully automated process such as pricing, searching, booking, and automatic ticketing. The startup says it is serving over 2000 travel agents in Bangladesh and is growing every day.

Travel Booking BD: Founded in 2014, is one of the first online portals that have an online airline ticket and hotel booking system based in Bangladesh. Travel Booking BD helps its customers – from planning tours, estimating costs, transport options, providing hotel suggestions, bookings, and tourism information.

ShareTrip: Initially, Sharetrip started their journey with the name Travel Booking BD. Now they have their new, innovative, and easy to use the app. Their app helps to book a flight and find a perfect holiday from their thousands of holiday packages worldwide.

Customers can win “TripCoin” by playing games and or by booking any service from ShareTrip. Those points can be used to avail of a discount.

Flight Expert: Launched in 2017, Flight Expert is one of the earliest OTAs in Bangladesh. Flight Expert helps travelers from booking flights and hotels. 

Amarroom: was founded in 2015; it offers travel-related services, including domestic and international air ticketing, hotel bookings, holiday packages, activities.

Domestic tourism-focused in OTA startup. To attract customers, it has introduced creative strategies such as Book Now, Pay Later. Users can avail of Amarroom services through its website, mobile applications, and other associated platforms such as social media. 

Go Zayaan: Set up in 2017, Go Zayaan offers flights and hotels booking along with holiday packages. It also brings special deals from hotels and airlines for their customers. Travelers can pay with Bangladeshi Taka for their air tickets and hotel bookings. They can also pay via bKash with other options.

Vromon: Established in 2015, Vromon is a premium online travel agency in Bangladesh where explorers can book lodgings, purchase tickets, and visit bundles just as voyagers can share their surveys and travel encounters on the web. Vromon originally started with offering tickets and hotel bookings within Bangladesh. Today, the startup covers both local and international ticketing and hotel booking as well as offers tour packages.

Jatri: Founded in 2019, Jatri is an app-based platform to track and book bus tickets. It offers a subscription-based solution to the users. Customers can subscribe to a plan and book tickets. Clients can also book bus tickets, dates, and time on the platform via the mobile app that is available for Android devices.

Airways office: Founded in 2013, Airways Office is an online platform to book travel services. This platform helps clients search, compare, and book for flight tickets, bus tickets, hotel rooms, and holiday packages.

Chologhuri: Founded in 2015, Chologhuri is an Online marketplace where the user can search, compare & book holiday packages. Moreover, users can also customize their tours to their requirements. Additionally, the platform also offers visa information and travel insurance. Established in 2015, is an online platform for booking like hotels, resorts, car rentals, holiday packages, and everything that is needed for a perfect tour. They have a feature that enables users to search, compare, and book travel services on the platform.

Winrooms: Founded in 2015, Winrooms is an app and web-based platform to book hotel rooms. This platform helps users to compare, discover, and book hotel rooms. 

Myflyair: Founded in 2018, My Fly Air is an online platform that enables users to search, compare, and book flight tickets, bus tickets, hotel rooms, holiday packages. 

TourToday BD: Founded in 2017, TourToday is an online travel guide for Bangladeshi destinations. This platform enables users to discover the local attractions and information covering photos, navigational details. Their app is available for Android devices.

Amy: Founded in 2016, Amy is an online platform for travelers to discover multiple travel services such as flight tickets, hotels, and more. Travelers can book service by making an online payment through this platform. Their app is available for Android devices.

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