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Treet Has Announced a $2.8 Million Funding Round
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Treet Has Announced a $2.8 Million Funding Round 

Treet has gotten brands involved in the resale market. It is a remarkable online platform that is launching a peer-to-peer resale in the marketplace. This is going to assist e-commerce brands in becoming more feasible and owning their reconditioned market. 

Recently, they have hit the market with the announcement of raising $2.8 million worth of seed funding. The goal is to accelerate the interaction of mass people with different brands.

Treet Has Announced a $2.8 Million Funding Round

Treet is a Techstars backed startup located in San Francisco and has been founded for only 5 months with a mission to provide a firsthand feeling of secondhand fashion products to customers around the world. 

To execute the plan, Treet is utilizing its software and logistics to create secondhand shopping sites for different brands where their customers can trade items in a secure setting. With the drastic change of global climate, it’s the sole responsibility of the government, individuals, and companies to work on their issues and make the world a better place to live. 

Treet Has Announced a $2.8 Million Funding Round

Treet, being a media between brands and customers, has decided to contribute to the reduction of climate change and polluting waste caused by the fashion industry. To achieve the goal, they are utilizing the scope of an ongoing recent trend all over the world, called ‘secondhand shopping’.

To execute the plan in a wide range, Treet has recently managed to raise seed funding worth $2.8 million. The investment comes from different venture capital firms like Bling Capital, Matchstick Ventures, Green Meadow, Interlace Ventures, V1.VC, Alante Capital, Techstars, BAM Ventures and BBG Ventures.

Treet is not only making their way, but they are also helping the brands to expand their potential customers. The company states that with the help of Treet, brands are getting 30% more customers than before which is a worthwhile endeavor for them. 

Boyish, Coclico, Altar, and époque évolution are among Treet’s existing clients, with Goodfair and Birdy Grey set to launch soon. Treet provides sellers with two options for reclaiming their funds. If they choose cash, the brand receives a 10% cut and Treet receives a 10% cut

Only Treet takes 10% if they choose to repay through brand credit. Treet definitely sets a great example and an effective direction for the world ‘to do good’ in a well-arranged and prosperous way. Find out more by following their website at Treet

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