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Turtle Venture Studio launched, becoming Bangladesh’s First Global Venture Studio
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Turtle Venture Studio launched, becoming Bangladesh’s First Global Venture Studio 

Turtle Venture Studio launched becoming Bangladesh’s First Global Venture Studio. It is an all-in-one startup supervisory solution that works to develop distinct startups in fast succession and develop the idea behind a company while investing funds and comprehensive backing.

Startup ecosystem development and consultancy company Turtle Venture launched the first venture studio of Bangladesh in Singapore: Bangladesh Startup Ecosystem took on a whole new meaning Saturday evening with the launching of the first venture studio in the country named Turtle Venture Studio(TVS). The studio has quite literally given a face-lift to the conventional mode of accessing vital everyday service that helps startups to keep them operational.

Around thirty-five institutional investors, venture capitalists, and angel investors showed up to the launch event, which received a good turnout overall. Angel investors such as Osman Ahmed, Diana Teoh, Michael Cutler, and Naushaba Salahuddin attended the event with an enthusiastic and interested interest in Bangladeshi start-ups.

There were a number of guests there, including She Loves Tech, Antler, Kitcod, GEN SingaporeGEN, Integra Partners, Rapyd, Bizsupermart Pte Ltd, Blue Ocean Strategy, Agile Counsel, Carro, iValue InfoSolutions Pvt. Ltd, Iterative, Vamos Startups, and many more. In order to help Bangladeshi entrepreneurs launch businesses in Singapore, Turtle Venture Studio has paired up with Lanturn.


TVS is a venture studio that helps entrepreneurs in optimizing their enterprises’ potential. Through a platform that promotes investment, development, and exit plans, the studio enables entrepreneurs, investors, and ecosystem builders to operate their businesses with complete due diligence support, risk management, and confidence. Having built B2B SaaS, Agro-tech, Health-tech, Ed-tech, and Fin-tech solutions, as well as logistically facilitating young and promising local entrepreneurs, the founders of TVS have expertise in developing services and solutions that offer significant value to their clients.

Turtle Venture was established in 2018 by Saraban Tahura Turin and Anwar Sayef Anik to help entrepreneurs launch and grow their businesses. Turtle Venture has been active in the startup ecosystem for more than four years, and during that time they have organised more than fifteen accelerators, accelerated more than ninety businesses, helped entrepreneurs raise fifteen million dollars in seed capital, and collaborated with more than fifty partners, sponsors, and clients.

Turtle Venture has spent the last year and a half carrying out research on the venture studios, and now the company intends to build the very first venture studio in Bangladesh in an effort to revolutionise the country’s ecosystem for startup businesses. By establishing a global venture studio, they are leaving their imprint on the records of the startup movement in Bangladesh’s history and taking the pioneering step of putting one foot before the other.

They addressed the growing demand for easy access to the extensive Bangladeshi Startup Ecosystem. At a time when the domestic economy is at its peak, worldwide connectivity and comprehensive mentorship are luxuries that most promising but young startups cannot acquire. The venture studio offers global investors to gain access to the burgeoning startup environment in Bangladesh and Asia without establishing a physical office, to distribute risk across multiple companies in the early stages of their development, and to co-invest alongside other prominent investors from Bangladesh and Singapore.

TVS is here to deliver the best guidance, advisory, and opportunity for Bangladeshi startups to grow with access to the global market, and to help Singaporean partners penetrate the capital, talent, and technology elusive markets in Bangladesh so that they can assist our startups in finding the global stage. It ensures the virtual presence of Singaporean investors in Bangladesh. Finding global mentorship and expert support on the startup journey has never been so easy before.

It is also a big shift for Bangladesh to finally disrupt its fast-growing potential ecosystem, and the studio seeks to build new highly skilled startup enthusiasts in Bangladesh for both local and foreign talent, both on its core team and at the startups it helps to launch. TVS will focus not just on acquiring highly trained international expertise, but also on developing local talents such as through skill enhancement, incubators, accelerators, and educational programs in collaboration with local institutions.

“We will launch the first cohort in January 2023,” says the co-founder of TVS, Anwar Sayef Anik. “Its mission is to create a community-wide ecosystem of empowerment and economic opportunity through the development of new solutions and the encouragement of entrepreneurs.”

Saraban Tahura Turin, CEO and co-founder of TVS, has remarked, “Our team has a wide range of knowledge and a strong genuine concern for the startup ecosystem in its many facets. I can’t wait to see TVS become an industry standard for the startup community’s entrepreneurs.”


Turtle Venture Studio launched, becoming Bangladesh's First Global Venture Studio

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