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Two Bangladeshi Women Selected For The BBC 100 Women List 2020

Two Bangladeshi Women Selected For The BBC 100 Women List 2020 

BC is one of the most popular and widely revered networks in today’s media. They have multiple divisions in the works. BBC 100 Women list is a multi-format series. Recently, in November, they have announced their latest list for 2020. Two Bangladeshi women selected for the BBC 100 Women List 2020.

Two Bangladeshi women- Rina Akter and Rima Sultana Rimu, have earned their place in the esteemed BBC list

BBC 100 women 2020

BBC 100 women list is an approach to reward the most inspiring and influential women from all around the globe. BBC selects its candidates by drawing up a shortlist from the suggestions of the World Service languages team of the BBC network.

For the past 12 months, the people who have made headlines for their remarkable work, who have important services that they provided and helped their community- they have been taken under consideration while making this list.

This year’s theme was set as “Women who led change”. This includes women who have surged a transformation around them, from regional representation measurement and impartiality, the names were determined to be added to the list.

BBC 100 women list initiate interviews, features, and make documentaries about these revered influential and inspirational people. They also prioritize the work and impact criteria rather than who made most headlines and if they were praised by the news.

2020 has been and already is shaping up to be an extraordinary year. 

Thus, the team has decided to leave one name blank as a tribute to the countless women sacrificing and battling adversity during even this dire situation to help others.

About The Bangladeshi Women of BBC 100 Women 2020

Rina Akter

Rina and her team have served almost 400 meals per week. The menu had- rice, eggs, meat, and vegetables. She is a former sex worker and now a humanitarian. The target was helping and feeding sex workers in Dhaka

Because of the pandemic, sex workers found themselves clientless. They struggled daily to feed themselves. Rina took initiative to help the people who live in the underbelly of society. Rina Akter came forth and followed through.

She was quoted by BBC, saying,

“People see our profession as demeaning, but we do it to buy food. I am trying to make sure women in this profession are not left hungry, and their children will not have to do this work,”

Rima Sultana Rimu

Young Women Leaders for Peace, Cox’s Bazar; it is a program to empower and enable young women in leadership and peace-making abilities. This program is a subdivision of the Global Network of Women Peacebuilders. Rima Sultana Rimu is a member there. 

The Rohingya refugee crisis was getting worse as days passed, especially during the pandemic. She stepped forward and started advocating for humanitarian action based on gender-responsiveness.

 She has initiated age-appropriate literacy and numeracy classes as well as keeping gender-sensitivity under consideration among Rohingya refugees. It was initially executed because women and girls in those communities lacked access to proper education.

In her community; relating especially to women, peace, and security; she raises awareness by radio broadcasts, theatre performances, for following through the resolutions of the UN Security Council.

She stated,

“I am determined to bring gender equality to Bangladesh. I believe in the power of women and girls to fight for our rights. We will succeed,” 

The BBC 100 Women list includes names like-

  • Sanna Marin (leader of Finland’s all-female coalition government)
  • Michelle Yeoh (star of the new Avatar and Marvel films) 
  • Sarah Gilbert (head of the Oxford University research: into a coronavirus vaccine)

These remarkable women are living examples of what people can do if they act beyond their self-interest and determine that they are going to help others. And to help the community which in turn helps heal the whole world. 

This is the mark of a true and compassionate leader, which is exactly what we need more of especially during the collective tense situation humankind is going through. The women selected for the BBC 100 Women list, from our own communities because of their extraordinary work is something to look upon while building a better future for all of us. 

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