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Uber and Pathao Join Forces to Expand Ride Sharing Experience
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Uber and Pathao Join Forces to Expand Ride Sharing Experience 

Pathao and Uber announced a cooperative initiative on Wednesday to achieve improved safety standards for the Bangladesh ridesharing business while also improving customer experience.

Pathao and Uber will also provide a unified driver partner training package available to all drivers on their platforms. The purpose is to educate driver partners on how they may assist secure their own and riders’ safety.

Uber and Pathao Join Forces to Expand Ride-Sharing Experience


In the first phase, these two ridesharing businesses will collaborate to promote awareness about existing rideshare safety processes and safeguards that are accessible on both platforms.


According to a media statement, they include trackable, insured rides with verified data of the drivers and cars, as well as high necessary document validation criteria, which the firms feel make ridesharing journeys a safer mode of transportation.


Fahim Ahmed, CEO of Pathao said,


“We have always prioritized the safety of our riders and passengers and undertaken different collaborative approaches with government and non-government entities. We strongly believe that this collaboration with Uber will help us to set a higher industry standard for safety and ensure quality rides for all.”


The training module will cover broad principles for motor vehicle movement, traffic signs and how to utilize them, the consequences of breaking traffic and road safety laws, and a variety of other regulations-related issues. 


Armanur Rahman, head of Bangladesh & East India, Uber, said,


“Safety and magical user experience have always been our top priority. Since its inception, the ridesharing industry has gained people’s trust and confidence successfully because of the safety and convenience we provide during every ride.”


He also added,


“We are thrilled to join hands with Pathao to raise that bar even higher. We have to improve the safety of our own platform alongside new industry standards for safety. We in collaboration with Pathao are aligned to make ridesharing safer for the people of Bangladesh.”


Ridesharing has grown in popularity as a local transportation alternative, owing primarily to the safety elements it contains. And this is only the start of a long-term partnership between Uber and Pathao aimed at constantly lifting the standard in the industry in order to improve rider and driver experiences on respective platforms.

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