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UnitedMasters Receives $50 Millions of Investment From Apple 

Apple is set to invest in UnitedMasters a stunning amount of $50 millions. The music distribution startup platform will be expanding its outreach to indie musicians and creators. This will be helping them establish their own brands in a joint venture. The investment round also included Alphabet and Andreessen Horowitz. They were pre-existing investors of UnitedMasters.

UnitedMasters Receives $50 Millions of Investment from Apple

This investment is a huge turn point for UnitedMasters. The artists associated with this music distribution platform will become enables towar4ds expansion of their brands and work on their music and releases. The idea is to democratize the larger music industry. 

Since the dawn of globalization, a larger part of the businesses have started become online based. These tech platforms are now some of the biggest revenue collector firms in the economy. This investment and joint venture of Apple and UnitedMasters indicate that the music industry is thriving online. This will be giving consumers and independent creators a chance to connect more directly than ever. 

This expansion will make sure that Apple music, Spotify and other rising music startup platforms bring in a wide variety of opportunities, enabling artists to connect to their audience, earn a living with the revenue, expand and develop more albums, and of course, have distribution access across t he platforms. 

Steve Stoute, the founder of the advertisement company- Translation, has stated, “I believe in the independent creator, the next Taylor Swift, because we’re playing a long game, We’re changing an industry and giving an opportunity to independent artists. I’m not thinking about the Taylor Swift that exists that we all know and love. I’m thinking about the next young girl who plays a guitar and could write a song that wants to be Taylor Swift. 

He also added, ““Apple has been a company whose values have always been to support the artists and creativity. They’ve always been that company that unapologetically understood the creator and the artist. And when I was speaking to Eddy and the team over there, we really wanted to see that artists did not sign their rights away to major labels.”

Eddy Cue, an Apple executive have stated regarding this matter, “Steve Stoute and UnitedMasters provide creators with more opportunities to advance their careers and bring their music to the world. The contributions of independent artists play a significant role in driving the continued growth and success of the music industry, and UnitedMasters, like Apple, is committed to empowering creators.”

UnitedMasters plans to open the platform up to quality music contents and independent creators, creating an outreach opportunity for talent hunting. The copyrights will be given to the creators with a deal and agreement made with mutual understandings. To check out more about UnitedMasters, visit their website: 

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