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Upsy Shopping Helper Raised More than $1.3 Million in Seed Funding

Upsy Shopping Helper Raised More than $1.3 Million in Seed Funding 

The Upsy Company, which was created in 2021, has secured more than $1.3 million in seed capital to help it develop its product and improve its competitiveness. Upsy is a SaaS-based software for internet merchants that assists customers in locating and purchasing the products they require. Upsy communicates with customers like a human using Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing Systems (NLP).


Upsy Shopping Helper Raised More than $1.3 Million in Seed Funding


The money raised will go toward continuing product development, expanding into new international markets, and improving the product’s artificial intelligence and neural network capabilities.


With an emphasis on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), Upsy intends to be the global market leader in the shopping assistant area. The target population consists of millions of potential webshops, all of which face the same dilemma.


Increased global competition, the dominance of huge corporations like Amazon, and escalating client acquisition expenses are all posing significant challenges for online merchants. Converting visitors into purchasers is the most difficult difficulty for small online businesses; the barrier to purchase is typically finding the right goods and product information, or the client not receiving responses to their enquiries.


Matias Itkonen from Investor Pro stated, 


“Upsy has developed a necessary and cost-effective sales assistant for small online stores. When you combine the team’s extensive experience in e-commerce and our shared views on the company’s development, it’s great to join the company’s growth story! ” 


Larger players, such as Amazon, have the resources to spend in human-operated customer support and personalized artificial intelligence solutions that can assure that a consumer becomes a purchase. Due to the expense and complexity of the solutions, this luxury was previously unavailable to small and medium-sized online stores. With their cost-effective, easy-to-integrate product, Upsy allows these retailers to take use of the latest technologies.


The CEO, Juha Sulkakoski coomented, 


“Upsy improves webshops conversion and boosts average purchase. Upsy acts like a human salesperson, making e-commerce visitors into buyers. It helps a customer to find the right product, offers options, recommends additional purchases, and answers the most common questions. It works fully automatically and requires no teaching or holding hands. ” 


Upsy Company Oy is an e-commerce business whose goal is to convert webshop visitors into customers. Helsinki, Finland, is the company’s headquarters. Upsy was established in 2021 and presently employs 8 people in Vallila, Helsinki, and Bangladesh.


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