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User Generated Content: Your customer is Your Brand Ambassador 

User generated content (UGC) is when an advertisement or promotion is not made by the brand or the business itself but by anyone else other than the brand. It can be created by consumers/users/customers/fans and it could be social media posts, using your brand hashtag, using images/videos.

So, basically instead of brands always talking about why they are different, why they are best, why everyone should buy them; rather its customers/consumers/buyers will talk about it.


Why does the User Generated Content matter?


User generated content has the power to give an authentic view of your brand.

Through a dedicated hashtag or it can be any simple post or it can be an image/video with your product when your users will post something on their social media and you share that in your business page/account; by seeing this your other users will think “wow” they are responding. So, they will also start posting for your brand. This way you will get both reviews that come directly from your users and your user generated content. 


You can use Social Media Influencer. Basically, they are paid to represent a brand. So, they will create a content/image/video and will put your brand hashtag or will be wearing brand products; in anyhow they will show that they are using your products and your brand is good. Influencers usually have pretty good followers and they are cheaper than models.


Things to keep in mind 

Give credit to the original creator while sharing user-generated content on your social media channels. It is important and that’s why this is user generated content.  When you are giving clear credit to the original creator tag them directly in the post. 


This is going to help you in two different ways. First, your other customers and they haven’t yet taken your service will get a review from another customer. People always believe in strangers’ reviews. Secondly, this will show your brand credibility that you guys share your customers’ response. So that other customers also willingly will give their review, comment as might be they also be shared into your official media channels.


These two things will help you to recognize the work of your content creators that are actually your customers and this will make sure that they stay excited about using and posting about your brand.

Ultimately this is going to be easy for fans and followers of your brand to verify that the content really was created by someone outside of the brand.

Keep in mind that, while using your customers images, videos, posts or even comments you should ask for their permission. Otherwise, this will be copyright and when you are asking your customer will be more excited that their brand actually recognizes them.


Ultimate goal of User Generated Content


User generated content is an excellent source of customer research. Whether your consumers post them on social media or you shared your consumer’s post in your social media channel you will get lots of responses from your other customers. You will have comments; you can monitor their reactions and ultimately this will help you to find ways to get better with your business.


For example, you can see how your consumers are using your products or services. You can see if they are satisfied or they want something else. You can also notice if they are comparing your brand with other brands? If they, then you can work on that point to make your brand better.

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