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Viral Marketing: Techniques and Advantages 

I believe we have all heard the phrase “It went viral”.

Viral Marketing is very common in social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube where just pressing the share option one can generate huge traffic. Viral marketing is simply giving your business a huge break and creating a buzz in the market and it will spread like wildfire.


The most widespread example is emotional, mem videos, funny or unique videos got many shares and people somehow watch them, know about them for that viral marketing is able to generate interest and the potential sale of a brand or product instantly got recognized in the market.

Viral Marketing Techniques

The very first step should be to Target your appropriate audience to develop your viral marketing campaign. Try to find out where your target audience lives online and the type of videos they like to watch.

Create your message with interesting elements and the most excellent way to go viral is by making a video. A video engages more viewers and while watching them push your product and service in your targeted audience’s mind.

If your video is really interesting then people will share it also.

Try to make your video funny, emotional or even with a good message for society and with your video they can really connect themselves.

Viral marketing is 100% about emotional appeal. Always try to create something which is filled with love or hate, social taboo, try to make people insanely happy or angry.

Something different and unusual that no one seen before is one of the most effective viral advertisements. It is not that you will directly tell people about your product, let them see the video, let them guess what it is, try to push your advertisement indirectly.



Advantages of Viral Marketing

Traditional marketing requires spending thousands of dollars and lots of time to create eye catchy content.

But viral marketing comes with a very low cost but yes it needs a lot of luck. Making a buzz in the world marketing viral marketing is a new and effective tool.

Certainly, these types of marketing have the potential of great reach. If it’s viral then a small company or even a very new business can go extremely viral and can create its own brand name.

Social media confirms the participation of any content and it can also be shared a large amount of times within a very short period.

It actually helps to build up your brand. If you can create incredible content that audience themselves decide to share it so that this is the best tool for your branding.


One thing one must keep in mind is that virality can be a double-edged sword. In these types of campaigns and marketing strategy; audience is the key factor. If the message was delivered in a wrong angle or the audience misinterpreted or parodied things can go worse. Like, successful viral marketing can make your brand a household name or if something goes wrong your brand will see a huge backlash.

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