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Virtual Watson Semester Accelerator- Spring 2021 

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought along a lot of misfortunes. But during this time the Virtual Watson Semester Accelerator has been launched. This was a productive and hopeful step for the young generation of college students, recent graduates, as well as students who had gap year(s).

This venture acceleration was launched to further their career impacts even though the entire world seems pretty stagnant. The Virtual Watson Semester Accelerator is an initiative program to help the young generation through that with education.

Info on the Virtual Watson Semester Accelerator of Spring 2021

Location of Origin: United States of America

Duration: 4 months (for Spring 2021 the program will take place between January 19, 2021, and May 7, 2021)

Media: Virtual

Time Commitment: 42 Hours (per week) for 16 weeks

Registration Deadline: November 1, 2020 (Sunday) EDT (Eastern daylight-saving time)

Applying Link: 

Sample Syllabus: 

Brief on the Progression of Courses

An advanced team of leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators; during this four-month program; from around the world, will come together virtually. They will help the recruits to train, get mentored, and forge a sense of community. This will help the selected recruits to tackle larger than life complex problems and impactful careers.

The topics to cover may include threats of climate change, poverty alleviation, etc. The program will include workshops and intensive courses on transformative leadership and entrepreneurial skills of all kinds, mentors who will challenge them in their assumptions and will enhance and expand their impact and perspective towards the global community.


Delegation of the program

The Virtual Watson Semester Accelerator is modelled to work similarly to the non-virtual program. With the allowance of virtual space, they are expecting to meet the same expectations.

The courses will be delivered in three brilliant ways-

Synchronous: The whole team will experience the events at the same time. There has been a declaration of estimated 9 hours (per week) of synchronous programming.

Localized Synchronous: Various small groups of students who live nearer to each other (by geography) will meet at the time-zone conveniences of each group. 6 hours of localized synchronous programming has been estimated per week.

Asynchronous: Selected students will follow through at their own pace, with their study and work/experience individually. They will be given specified dates, expected quality, and clarity of outcomes.

The Virtual Watson Semester Accelerator has developed a rigorous curriculum by examining the best practices worldwide. By studying social entrepreneurs from all corners of the world, this program claims to provide students with all types of necessary frameworks, methodologies, entrepreneurial hard, and soft skills.

The workshops are mostly scheduled on Tuesday- Thursday (between MT 8 am and 10 am)

So, hurry up and apply for the excellent Virtual Watson Semester Accelerator program of Spring 2021, which is the exact push you might need to accelerate your venture towards entrepreneurship, leadership, and innovation.

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