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What Is Digital Marketing?
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What Is Digital Marketing? 

arketing was never an easy job. But due to digital marketing, this now has been easier than the early days. What is digital marketing? Digital marketing (also known as “Online Marketing”) is a hot topic nowadays for people associated with any kind of business.

Most often what happens is people can’t grab the main idea of digital marketing. Hopefully, after reading this article, the pendulous situation of many people will subside and they will have a clear conception of digital marketing.

What is Digital Marketing? 

Marketing is a process that electronically connects the sellers and buyers in the right place, at the right time. Today, many people choose the internet as the medium to meet their needs and digital marketing plays an important role in this whole process.

Digital marketing is a simple process for promoting any kind of brand or product through online digital channels. Marketers now target their audience and use various kinds of digital technologies.

You can use desktop computers, mobile phones, and other digital media and platforms for marketing. You can include text messaging, instant messaging, emails, websites, online forums, apps, video, electronic billboards, digital television and radio channels, etc.

This is when marketing is called “Digital Marketing”. It simply means that using any of these mediums to advertise and sell your product would be counted as Digital Marketing.

Mostly, digital marketing uses more than two technologies and channels to understand if the product is working well or not. Many companies now try to achieve growth by taking the help of digital marketing.

It is more popular because of offering a powerful and cost-effective way to promote any kind of business. 


The term “Digital Marketing” was used for the first time around the year 1990. Then the Web 1.0 platform allowed users to find the information they needed or wanted. That paved the way for digital marketing.

Then they couldn’t use the internet as a digital platform as it wasn’t recognized worldwide. With the internet becoming more popular, digital marketing became a known term for people.

The very first digital banner ads were bought by HotWired for their advertising in 1993. This marked the beginning of digital marketing. In 1994, in the year of launching Yahoo, the world experienced new technologies that initiated the digital marketplace.

In the following years, more popular search engines like HotBot, LookSmart, and Alexa With the launch of Google in 1998, digital marketing became easier. After Web 2.0 had come, people became more interested in digital marketing.

Later MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. just kept on adding feathers to the fields of digital marketing.

Why Use Digital Marketing?

Marketing now is very much different from it was decades ago. Earlier people used to adopt traditional marketing, but because of the availability of the Internet, now the digital market has been more popular than traditional marketing.

People use dedicated software and hi-tech products to simply gather more attention to their products. By using a wide range of digital tools, they try to influence their customers and sell their products.

As people are now very much attached and connected to the Internet, digital marketing advertises products to them more. Kids are more fascinated by watching the ads on phone or tab screens and become obstinate to buy the products.

Also, grown-up people find it more interesting to watch previews of products online and order them. Social media is the easiest way to grab people’s attention.

According to statistics of Marketingtechblog that happened in 2014, the percentages of digital marketers using different platforms are given below so that they can be interested to use this platform for digital marketing-

  • Facebook – 99%
  • Twitter – 97%
  • Pinterest – 69%
  • Instagram – 59%

Recently LinkedIn and YouTube also have been added on this list. Digital marketing is certainly a great influencer to attract the audience and increase the selling number of products.

In short, digital marketing reaches a larger audience in a shorter time period – that’s why it should be grabbed to establish a flourished business.

What is digital marketing?

How Digital Marketing Works?

Knowing the definition of digital marketing only doesn’t work. You must know how it works to turn your business into a successful one by using this process.

Digital Marketing supports you to attract the audience towards your product and builds a buying journey for them. For that, digital marketing works in three steps –

  • Goal: Digital Marketing sets a goal for your product selling and earns leads
  • Channels: By using various channels, it is bound to advertise your product to the selected audience.
  • Strategy: Focusing on writing attractive descriptions about the products, optimizing them, building campaigns are parts of the strategy to make your business successful.

How to Create a Digital Marketing Strategy?

  • By determining your digital marketing goals
  • By choosing your digital marketing channels
  • By setting your digital marketing budget
  • By developing your digital marketing strategy 
  • By launching your digital marketing strategy 
  • By monitoring your digital marketing campaigns 
  • By implementing digital marketing campaign improvements
  • By measuring your digital marketing ROI 

Advantages of Digital Marketing 

  • Multiple online marketing strategies
  • Creates awareness and engagement 
  • Strategies are very much affordable
  • Converts new buyers into rabid fans
  • Global reaching lower costs and higher flexibility 
  • Easy access to consumers through mobile phones
  • Opportunities to incorporate multiple types of media 
  • Cost-effective marketing solutions 
  • Level playing field 
  • Shorten the buyer’s journey
  • Advanced targetting and personalization options
  • Accurate campaign tracking and measurements 
  • Continuous campaign performance feedback 

Types of Digital Marketing Channels 

  1. Content Marketing 
  2. Display Advertising 
  3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  4. Influencer Marketing
  5. Mobile Marketing 
  6. Social Media Marketing 
  7. E-mail Marketing 
  8. Audio Marketing 
  9. Video Marketing 
  10.  Affiliate Marketing 
  11.  Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising 

Digital marketing serves the best for the people who want to help themselves. If you look around, it’s quite possible for you to see that your competitors already are adopting digitalized marketing.

So if you want quick results by spending some money, and want to utilize digital technologies to achieve your marketing objective, then why being late? Contact with any digital marketing agency as soon as possible and let your business flourish!

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