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What is Viral Marketing?|Viral Marketing 101
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What is Viral Marketing?|Viral Marketing 101 

iral Marketing

Viral marketing is the best marketing practice one can ever have.  I know you have a question in your mind, what is viral marketing? Today I’m going to describe this famous method of marketing.

We have all been familiar with the word “Virus”. In fact, during the pandemic COVID-19, VIRUS has been the most discussed topic. VIRUS is the root cause of flue and various diseases.

But not always a virus is a bad thing. Especially when it comes to marketing, You also may have heard the term viral ad on community.

What is Viral Marketing? Definition of Viral Marketing

What is viral marketing? For understanding viral marketing first, we have to know how the virus functions. Generally, a virus only needs a carrier. It passes from one carrier to another carrier.

For example, Someone can only get affected with COVID-19 if and only if he gets in contact with the virus. In this case, humans are the primary carriers of COVID-19.

So, let’s assume a marketing practice where people don’t need any media, and customers are the product marketers. This practice will be a tremendous profitable practice since companies do not have to pay for the press.

There are lots of viral marketing definitions out there but let’s not make it bookish. Some people compare it to virtual marketing but if we look at the virtual market definition, we will find a slight difference.

Why is Viral Marketing Important?

First of all, there will be no or less cost of marketing. Just like a carrier of a virus doesn’t require any charge. This kind of marketing brings a lot of exposure within a short time or period. So, in this case, the costs of marketing expenses get minimized.

Again, as mentioned earlier, bringing a lot of exposure to a very short period is also a prime advantage for viral marketing.

Another excellent example of the advantage of viral marketing is that it can get rapid growth. As mentioned earlier, it gets a lot of exposure in a short time that brings up a remarkable company growth.

Viral marketing helps to capture the viral marketplace. Viral free marketing is not at all capable of grabbing the market as a viral marketing campaign can do.

How To Do Viral Marketing And How Does Viral Marketing Work?

There is no specific way to do viral marketing. So, there is no specific also element also that can do viral marketing too. But one thing for sure that social media is the most crucial media for viral marketing. There are lots of viral marketing examples out there in Bangladesh and also all over the world.

In a viral marketing normal people acts as a marketer. Unlike, traditional marketing, viral marketing is done by people whether they know or not. There are lots of viral marketing strategy just like viral marketing types. A number of viral marketing strategy is given below.

Types of Viral Marketing

There are various types of viral marketing. Checkout 6 picks!

Using a Meme

Using memes nowadays is one of the most effective ways out there. Condom companies out there are using this strategy. As usual, people love to share fun facts on Facebook, and the meme is one of the most popular fun facts out there in social media.

Manforce condom viral marketing

People share memes not to market the product or the company but to share their laughs with others. But the logo or the product name or specification is still out there in the meme.

So, despite not having the intention to promote a brand, people unknowingly share their products. In many cases, a meme gets a lot of exposure within a short time.

There are lots of viral marketing company (which means a company doing viral marketing) that are applying this strategy.


The Grameen phone has applied this type of branding strategy widely in Bangladesh. There tv commercials like “স্বপ্ন যাবে বাড়ি আমার” is one of the significant examples of emotional content. These kinds of videos are often termed as viral marketing video ads.

Emotional content touches the heart of a viewer. Whenever a viewer sees these kinds of content, he or she feels connected with the content, so he or she is likely to share the content with closed ones.

These kinds of contents are often like a short movie. Instead of thinking this as commercial think of it as a short film. So, a person is more likely to suggest his friends and close one’s about a new short film instead then sharing a real commercial.

An emotional content most often comprises of a message. For example, a short clip was made by surf excel in recent days on the occasion of Holi. Where they showed a young Hindu girl’s determination towards her friendship with a young Muslim boy, that commercial not only promotes the brand surf excel but also promotes the message of inter-religious love.

However, emotional content not always has to be a video clip. It can be anything that has a strong message and can connect the heart of the viewer so strongly that he is forced to share the content. Pictures, short video clips even movies sometimes can be a great example.

Sometimes, blogs can be used. Viral marketing blogs usually contain some interesting stories, ideas, and motivational articles.

Using Illustrations with Facts

Using illustrations with facts is also a way to get viral over time. However, this is not that easy, but it can be a great deal of work. What one has to do is to find a unique but charming number related to the product.

example of illustration viral marketing

Let’s say Someone is trying to promote a fitness magazine. What he or she has to do is to show the death of people of eating unhealthy food. This will enable the crowd to share this information with the loved ones.

Spreading Positivity

Spreading positivity is also another way to get one’s content viral. Just before the hit of COVID-19 in Bangladesh, Lifebuoy shared some standard guidelines during COVID-19.

In that guideline, they mentioned that it’s not necessary to use only their brand’s soap, and any brand would do the same as their soap against COVID-19.

Lifebouy ad during covid

This delivered a positive message that the fight against COVID-19 is greater than the business and profit. These kinds of complimentary messages give people hope and inspiration for positivity.

Some people may say or think that there was no need to mention this technique separately since I’ve already mentioned emotional content. But spreading positivity has become an incredibly powerful technique that requires additional attention.

Success Stories

Sharing success stories can be another effective way to get things viral. Sharing motivational quotes, the development of the journey toward success, and the description of rising above struggles is one of the popular techniques nowadays. In this case, the message must be short but also must touch the heart of the audiences.

Success story viral marketing

So, these are some standard effective techniques that can be used by a brand practitioner to get things viral. But these are not the only thing that can be used. Offering a considerable amount of discount, referring promo codes are also an example of viral marketing.


One of the significant limitations of viral marketing is that there is no control over the marketing. For example, if somehow people misinterpret the message, then it will do more harm than good. So, research should be done correctly.

Another limitation is that viral marketing is short durational. That means viral marketing can easily be forgotten, which is not good at all for any brand. So, brand practitioners must come up with new ideas to make a successful viral marketing campaign.

This is all about viral marketing. I’ve tried to discuss viral marketing features, viral marketing definitions, and examples. I hope all of you would forgive for the mistakes and accept the good.

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