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Why Should You Earn A Google Career Certificate?
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Why Should You Earn A Google Career Certificate? 

eople nowadays are showing high interest to gather career certificates online. That’s why Google Career Certificate has become a very hot topic in recent days. Why should you earn A google career certificate?

The most surprising fact related to this topic is that without even knowing about the worth of a Google Career Certificate, people want to acquire it. So, here we’ll try to let you know about the Google Career Certificate benefits.

In recent years, people have been introduced to Google Scholarships and Google Courses, and maximum people around the world have warmly welcomed these initiatives taken by Google. Nowadays you can take a degree from Google easily within six months for which you have to toil for six years in colleges/universities. 

At first, you should know what is a Google Career Certificate. Google Career Certificates, developed by Google, serve people with the opportunity to gather knowledge about some particular subjects online. While completing these google certification courses, you already learn the job-ready skills and get validation for your special skills.

What are google certificate

Now, the second question risen in your mind might be if you can get a job with Google Career Certificates. The answer is ‘Yes’. Cause Google provides online career certificates in only high-demand fields. While hiring, if someone notices that you’ve already achieved career certificates from Google, who wouldn’t want to hire you?

Many people want to know about Google Career Certificates costs. The Google Certificate Courses in Coursera will cost you $49 per month. 

The worth of Google Career Certificates is more than enough to enable you for getting a higher quality job. Besides, earning google career certificates isn’t any hard job. If you visit Professional Certificate Training Programs and turn on the notifications, then you’ll be notified whenever google certification courses are available.

After launching the latest google learning certificates in 2020, Google’s Global Affairs sector’s senior Vice-President, Mr. Kent Walker said that these career certificates of Google will be equivalent to 4 years of academic degree in the related field. Kent’s words make it quite clear that Google would be now competing with universities for making people Graduate in their own ways.

Why Should You Earn a Google Career Certificate?

If you’re still thinking about why you should earn a Google Career Certificate, then you should definitely look into these benefits of acquiring Google Career Certificates

  • Because of owning Google Career Certificates, you can be easily connected to the top employers around the world.
  • These career certificates provided by Google will prepare you to get easy access to high-paying roles, while you can earn more than $55,000 in a year. 
  • If you attach your earned Google Career Certificate to your CVs, printed resumes, or LinkedIn profiles, employers will get more attracted to your profile.
  • Google Career Certificates give the learners the opportunity to be connected with needed resources which helps them to search for jobs and preparing for interviews. 

Now Google Career Certificates are also available in Coursera. If you want to have the benefits of having a google career certificate, you can also earn it from Coursera besides Google’s official website. For that, you have to visit

Another question might arise in your mind about what certifications google offers. Well, Google offers career certificates in different specialized sectors. Earlier, Google started offering certificates on Google My Business Course, Advertising Courses, AdWords Fundamentals Courses, Google Digital Unlocked Course, etc. 

During the COVID-19 season, Google launched another Google Career Certification Program.  This time Google would be offering courses on Project Management, Data Analysis, and User Experience (UX) Design. 

To know about Google Career Certification Program 2020, you can check out our previous article Google Launches Career Certification Program For High Demand Fields.

In this article, we tried to throw light on the benefits of having a Google Career Certificate. If you finally got to know why to earn a Google Career Certificate after reading this article, don’t forget to share it with your friends who want to know what are the benefits of acquiring a Google Career Certificate

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