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Young Turtles 2022 Phase-1: “Make Manage Market”
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Young Turtles 2022 Phase-1: “Make Manage Market” 

The registration deadline for the Young Turtles 2022 workshop has been closed! The deadline was open until 7 April 2022, midnight. The workshop proceedings will begin very soon. So, if you’ve completed your registration, welcome onboard! But if you missed it this time, well, better be an early bird for future sessions! 


Young Turtles 2022 Phase- 1: “Make Manage Market” 

The workshop will be divided into 4 phases. The events of Phase-1 are already underway. Phase-1 will contain a Mentorship Programme named “Make Manage Market”. Phase-1 will have 4 mentorship sessions. Keep reading below for detailed information. 


First session

Date: 9 April 2022

Time: 11 am 

Mentor: Mehad Ul Haque


Mehad Ul Haque, the consultant and country coordinator of Binoyog Briddhi, will be conducting the mentorship session on Project Management. He will be giving out pointers and discussing the tricks and techniques of managing projects with some insightful advice! 


Second session 

Date: 9 April 2022

Time: 2 pm

Mentor: Nazmul Ahmed


Nazmul Ahmed, the Marketing Consultant of Najm Consulting, will be conducting the mentorship session on Sales Management and Target Settings. He will discuss the broader domain of sales and marketing, methods of promoting and meeting target users, providing insightful advice! 


Third Session


Date: 12 April 2022

Time: 3 pm

Mentor: Shekh Ariful Islam 


Shekh Ariful Islam is an independent brand consultant and he will be conducting the session on Digital Marketing. He will discuss strategies to improve digital marketing management and basic methods of promoting intended products. 


Fourth Session


Date: 14 April 2022

Time: 11 am

Mentor: Anowar Sayef Anik


Anowar Sayef Anik is the Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) at Turtle Venture and he will be conducting the session focused on Lean Startup. The session will include details on lean startup models and strategies on how to optimally put them into use. 


If you have registered for the Young Turtles 2022 workshop, this is only the first phase of the month-long workshop that you’re in for! Stay tuned with us to keep up to date about the sessions.

In the meantime, consult or learn more about Turtle Venture! 

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