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YY Goshthi Cohort 2022: Launch and Grow Your Social Business
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YY Goshthi Cohort 2022: Launch and Grow Your Social Business 

They are seeking social businesses that positively impact the communities they serve. They are on a mission to identify and support ten early-stage social company entrepreneurs who have solved a social issue. This is their prize for accomplishing their mission. The YY Goshthi Cohort 2022 is now accepting applications from entrepreneurs to-be.

YY Goshthi Cohort 2022: Launch and Grow Your Social Business


YY Goshthi is YY Ventures‘ Social Business incubation program, and it’s designed to help socially and ecologically concerned startups get off the ground and secure first funding. You can find the program details below:


Program Details 


Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh


Application Deadline: 8th October 2022



If you are a social entrepreneur with a social enterprise in one of the following stages:

  • The idea stage, 
  • the feasibility stage, 
  • and the growth/expansion stage
  1. If you have at least two co-founders (If you do not have a co-founder now, please add someone from your core team who will be committing to the incubation program.)
  2. At least one female co-founder or core team member must be female.
  3. The legal status of business: The program was mainly created to meet the requirements of social companies; however, non-profits, for-profits, co-operatives, and community contribution businesses are also eligible as long as they serve a purpose and have a sustainable income source.
  4. Stage of ventures: The program is for early-stage entrepreneurs with investment-worthy ideas. Applicants have completed a feasibility study and can launch in 4-6 months. Those who have already launched but need help refining and scaling are encouraged to apply as well.


Eligible Region: Open to all

To apply go to this link


Program Description 


This project enables social entrepreneurs with world-class training, mentorship, community, coworking space, and access to investors, enabling them to build a minimum viable product and raise the necessary seed funding. They have prominently incubated businesses, including Avijatrik Tourism, Wizkit, GARBAGEMAN, Broque, TransEnd, Max TapWater, and AmarLab, that are attempting to address some of the most difficult societal problems.

The program’s advantages include-



YY Goshti provides a venue for talented companies to take their businesses to the next level. In the presence of world-renowned business trainers, participants are able to outline their business concept and develop it. Their boot camp educates individuals on creating a successful business in several ways.



This is one of the primary benefits they provide to their incubatees. They tailor mentorship hours to the need of entrepreneurs and their founders. As mentors for their incubatees, they recruit seasoned professionals and entrepreneurs from around the world in collaboration with their sponsors and network.

Each cohort receives a pre-seed investment of up to BDT 1.5 million, and they collaborate with hundreds of local and international investors and angels. They become partners with their incubates and assist them in negotiating with investors and raising funds.



They provide incubatees with a coworking space facility. For the first four months, they are permitted to operate without pay. In addition to working with like-minded folks, their location offers high-speed Internet, furnished, dedicated space, and fantastic community activities.



The design team at YY Goshti specializes in developing robust brand identities, websites, and marketing collateral. With the aid of their partner organizations’ pro bono legal and accounting services, they get access to new business prospects.



Connect with our vibrant network of caring, innovative, and dedicated social entrepreneurs that seek collective development via cooperation and trade. Their community encourages a responsible and sustainable company culture and provides events, meetings, and activities that promote entrepreneurship and sustainability.


About the Organizers


YY Ventures is a social business enterprise co-founded with Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus to stimulate creativity, support social business entrepreneurs, and drive change. They envision a world devoid of poverty, unemployment, and net carbon emissions. YY Ventures delivers an intensive, rapid, and immersive education to accelerate the life cycle of innovative social entrepreneurs in Bangladesh and the Central African Republic that are solving the world’s most pressing social issues. They are a locally based, ‘Globally Connected,’ socially and environmentally conscientious ecosystem in Bangladesh.

As the leading Social Business incubation program in Bangladesh, YY Goshthi aims to assist young social entrepreneurs as they establish Social Businesses that improve communities.

The incubation program provides four (4) months of rapid, intensive, and immersive education through world-class mentorship, a layered approach, access to an investor network, pro bono business support services, office space, and a vibrant alumni community.

Only the most qualified applicants will advance to the next phase of our multi-step selection process. Please take your time filling out this application and contact us if you require assistance.




This is a golden opportunity for creative minds to make their ideas a reality and have a good impact on society. This program both enhances and supports social and women’s empowerment. This is the opportunity for social entrepreneurs who want to mitigate and solve societal problems with powerful and effective ideas to realize and act on their ideas with the best mentors in a great environment.


To know more please follow this official link


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