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YY Goshti Accelerator Program for Social Businesses 2020 in Bangladesh

YY Goshti Accelerator Program for Social Businesses 2020 in Bangladesh 

n accelerator program is part and parcel of the startup ecosystem. Besides building a startup, it can change any startup’s growth and make the startup reach a mature stage. That’s why YY Goshti Accelerator Program for Social Businesses 2020 has been announced as YY Goshti Accelerator Fall Cohort 2020 to create a new dimension.

That’s why startup accelerators are something entrepreneurs and early-stage startups every year eagerly waiting for. In this pandemic situation, when startups in Bangladesh are facing so many hurdles, this acceleration news will bring comfort for them.

YY Goshti Accelerator Program for Social Businesses 2020 in Bangladesh

YY Goshti is very popular in Bangladesh as it initiated independent social business incubating here. With the EMK Center’s support, YY Goshti has been trying to back up the early-stage local startups to fulfill its targets since 2016.

According to Dr. Muhammad Yunus, the only Nobel Prize Winner of Bangladesh and the founder of “Grameen Bank,”

 “YY Goshti energizes everybody, helps everybody to think differently, think fresh, bring out new ideas, who knows one of these ideas will completely change the world.”


The YY Goshti incubator mainly started its journey to ease the journey of becoming a social business owner in Bangladesh. With this vital aim, the authority organizes this incubator twice a year and train startup teams participating in their Spring and Fall cohort.

Through every cohort, ten startups get opportunities to gain benefits from YY Goshti and flourish their businesses. But the startups at first undergo a tough selection process. 

The sponsors of this incubation program are the Grameen Family of Social Businesses and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency.

This year, again, startups are called for registering their names for the “YY Goshti Accelerator: Fall Cohort 2020.” 

The deadline for registering is 18th September 2020.

  • Benefits of joining this Accelerator: The participants of this accelerator get different facilities. Some of the must named facilities of ”YY Goshti Accelerator Program for Social Businesses 2020” are described below –
  • Office/Workspace: The “YY Goshti Accelerator” participants have the opportunity to have a workspace/office facility. They can work in the office without any charge during the first four months. The incubates work with like-minded individuals with high-speed internet facilities, significant community events, and decorated and devoted space.
  • Experienced Mentorship: Having experienced mentors is one of the key benefits the participants get from this accelerator program. Startups get mentoring hours here when the efficient mentors provide needed instructions to the incubates. 
  • World-Class Training: Some reputed business trainers are always available for the participating startups. The expert trainers very efficiently train the startups on how to execute their business plans successfully. The participants also get an idea about real-world business from the Bootcamp.
  • Investor Network: The YY Goshti Accelerator offers every cohort pre-seed investment up to BDT 1.5 million. The incubates also get a chance to know many local and international investors and angels through this accelerator. With the help of YY Goshti, the participants don’t have to toil much for negotiating and can get capital quickly from various investors. 
  • Community: By being a part of the accelerator, a startup can know the vast circle of social entrepreneurs connected with YY Goshti. The committed, creative and compassionate entrepreneurs let the incubates exchange and collaborate with them by offering different events and sustainable, shared culture. 
  • Business Services: YY Goshti has individual specialized teams for almost every business purpose. The design team of YY Goshti makes the incubates specialized by forming their brand wholeness, which includes websites and marking collateral. 

The incubates are also offered accounting and pro-bono legitimate support. With the help of the partners of YY Goshti, Accelerating Startups can get access to many business advantages.

Ultimately, the incubates learn how to materialize their fantastic ideas throughout the long four-month training. By learning early-stage startup methods, the startups gather knowledge and have sustainability to be in the startup community. 

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  • Eligibilities needed for the Applicants:- The entrepreneurs who want to participate in the “YY Goshti Accelerator Program for Social Businesses 2020” must choose a social problem to eradicate along with having an identified solution. The main two needed eligibilities are stated below –
  • Stage of Ventures: The startups in early-stage need funding to develop their ideas, who know how and where they’ll willingly invest. Startups that want to be launched in 4-6 months or already launched, but need financial backup. 
  • Legal Status of Business:  The social businesses are the primary targets behind organizing this accelerator. So the social businesses that have purposes of serving the startup ecosystem and incorporating a sustainable business model can apply for the accelerator program.
  • Eligible Region: Bangladesh 
  • How Startups can Apply: To submit their applications for the accelerator, the applicants have to follow the following steps – 
  1. Go to and click on the “Apply Now” button.
  2. Next, sign up or create an account so that you can log in to the Billions Page. 
  3. There’s an option named “I want to join Bridge for Billions as… *Entrepreneur”. First, select it and then press on “Let’s Go.”
  4. Then you must complete your profile by filling the needed information which is wanted in the given form. 
  5. After that, you have to click on “Apply” after clicking on the “Choose Program.”
  6. Lastly, you must select “Start Application.” 

That’s all! Your registration will be done this way entirely.

Only 13 days are left for the registration! Hurry up! You must know that many prominent and successful startups are produced from this accelerator program.

Don’t miss this opportunity of growing your startup. For more information, visit or send an e-mail at [email protected] 


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